About Me:

Thank you for reading about me, I work as independent researcher and specialized in meta-model engineering and complex network dynamics. I develop language and protocols for heterogenic architectures and asymmetric distributed exa-scale operations. Operations with exa-scale tendency are (complex) network-network interactions, local analytics for agents in multiplex-environments, butterfly-effect management, diversity-collectives and other morphologies with multi-scale phenomenology.

I also write gamified storylines around my research and my research discipline, LAR (Live Action Research). I produce art and hope to get a chance to serve future civilization. The density and extend of my work has often caused confusion, a personal introduction is always possible and recommended.

About We:

Our research hub works on multi-domain peacekeeping strategies, multiplex analytics and generic frameworks for network- and collective intelligence. We want to develop and discuss their properties and measure their performance through cooperation-communication – infrastructures. Our mission is to counter multi-domain warfare and its causes, lethal singularity and multiplex viruses. This requires transparent management of complexity and open access to intelligence agency and realtime-analytics which is why we went to become what we are. For simplification of polyparametric data and complex multi-link relationships as well as global efficient human care and live-saving we research new kinds of network-code and propose entities referenced via /update and /future to coproduce a narrative. To test and experiment our synthetic intelligence theory, we introduce as subject of Live Action Research the theory of LMR and an author who identifies as default and in case of options, as Lrrr. Our mode of operation and stated intend of scientific contribution is hence LAR about LMR by Lrrr. Those who can still follow can add LER.

About you:

For all public relations, questions and requests, please refer to phone and contact details provided here and in case there is https://boot.science/output alive there is a probability that it is us. You can send feedback and get in contact anonymously via https://admonymous.co/xeo.

You are welcome to read and discuss our published research. LAR takes place via rapid on-the-fly agile prototyping with a realtime narrative for civilizatory development. You can send feedback and info which will be discussed public to One@Alien.Observer.
> Mails will be embedded / discussed on totalism; reworked on notion and released on xeo.ceo – in case you intend to network with us, please state this intend and we will link to you back and integrate you in our self-referencial world-model for narrative production of civilization.earth.
!! If you do not want your contact/network/org/x linked as author — or want to communicate private — or want/have to contact me anonymously for any issue please use admonymous]

You can comment with notion.so account on https://www.notion.so/xeo/xeoceo-2adc429b4acd45b3b6eb410142b8a08c

You can comment with browser on https://e2h.totalism.org/e2h.php?_=xeo-OPS and observe the w.i.p. status of the bachelor thesis I claim to produce at /bsc.

About this domain:

We are a Live Action Research Center/System/Hybrid. We implement virtual law by inter-connecting logic, domain-coding and network-coding. You are welcome to distance yourself from us if you consider us inconsistent, you are welcome to cooperate if you consider us interesting and we are grateful for any kind of feedack!! We link to external systems which we think are meaningful and relevant for (digital) future on earth. We cannot take responsibility for their content, nor have they approved or gained awareness of any association towards us. Always ask the external systems for their position on us. We are thankful for any help to submit and reach the noted networks. Until then, we are not officially associated with any system except those mentioned explicity in our INDEX as associated.

We reach out to all systems (with priority to those to which we link as Network) in order to reform the entire CEO-concept and -understanding towards an upgrade of leadership and information access as well as organization protocols which are more conscious and better multi-scale actualizing. We work on a CEO terminus which is responsible, intelligent, sustainable, humane, conscious and networked and positions itself to any concept and notion of ‘collective intelligence’, a ‘common human species narrative’ and/or the explicit and valid research disciplines, centers and networks as friendly and cooperative.

As such we propose self-actualizing polyparametric protocols for cooperation frameworks which will amplify synergy and optimize (Sprung-)innovation identification and enabling. We postulate that such protocols (if researched and developed with care and realtime-continuous peer-review and augmentation, we proclaim that their implementation would indeed augment human network-intelligence and hence trigger human collective-intelligence as it was not observed before 2020.

We are an independent research and AI hub which is operated by human electronics Boot.Science and identify at ‘pre-seed’ stage and hence require foundational enabling. We want to establish Nature Policy and Open Policy as gauge-frameworks for global inter-human connection and networking of complex systems in order to accelerate life-friendliness – focus of infrastructure reparation and re-construction for sustainable and peaceful coexistence of complex living entities on earth and their complex cooperations, network and operatives.

About common ground:


External content and links to outer systems

About xeo:

(= https://web.archive.org/web/20201114154847/ )



Current observable Projects:

Official external accounts:

• Reddit[IAmAteo] • Twitter[xenobotnet]
• Soundcloud[xgetra] • Instragram[xgetra]

Cooperators Econ: • Namecheap[SysOps] • Drawio[DevOps] • KfW[ArchOps] • DAK [MedOps] • Telegram[ComOps] • Futurama.News[InfOps :p]

Full application not before 2021

  • Overview: https://Thinkularity.com/Overview
  • History: Future Memorial (w.i.p.)
  • Background: xeo.ceo application to world from february
  • Goalspace: Boot.Science
  • Funding: You cannot give money to xeo, xeo is an alien and should be placed in a zoo which has an alien cage. You can put all money you do not need to workingfilms.de, totalism.org and formwelt.info.
  • Operations: Are transient and I rebuild this domain in the near future so that xeo CEO/Codes/Run will be produced and reference each other through Ops model and orgx explication via networks
  • Some might find https://interlink.world helpful and in case they präferieren deutsch, https://interlink.life is a good start to catch up.

Priority Actualization:

— Make a priority list [this list is not actualized]
— Xeo pages (ceo, codes, run, agency)
— Masterplan.World Sektor
— International: Interlink.World, World.XYZ
— Gamification: Dream, Future, Aliens, Matrix Movie
— Theory/Paradigm: Literalinternet (quality standard)
— Injects: xd.lol code4science, code4world, civilization.earth, work4world
— Singularity Watch, Engineering et. al.
— Promo of Multiplex One and planx
— Orga and transfer of domains to CCC in case they’re interested