The Alien Operating System

Parallel Multi-User Linux Distribution

Alllyx is based on a multilayer operator system such as xeosys.

The kernel can be considered a pipeline-network with a self-reference-based architecture identification as its plugout / ini command. It can deliver ‘calculator’ if the runtime is below 1000mhz and set default rejections to any kernel functionality above a calculator and hence induce install of a generic calculator functionality; in case of RAM for processor control in case of earlyonset termination of all search commands it will send user request for desired operation (e.g. sensory readout and print, sync of parameters, execute calculation, share architecture for distributed computation (grow alllyx core)).

Alllyx Core is the result of polyparametric asymmetric synchronization within a heterogenic multiplex architecture; as such it induces chimera mirror-networks in complex network computation which act as static parameters (e.g. physical constants {though they map to experiments/universities etc. for actualizing consensus-confirmation})