We applied by several significant human systems. We do not align to the human idea of time, which foresees arbitrary deadlines in order to put beings at unrest. We also think that substantial solutions cannot be conducted with responsibility in 48 hours.

As such, our submission were all very unlikely to gain recognition, as they were only able to show a very small aspect of our concept which either appeared too unspecific or too extensive. This problem was not handled so far and the current application refers to the Chaos Computer Club and we request their help to improve our application to them. As we described in the timeline, after we’d have been rejected for rC3 we would apply to Die Partei as politics is the only thing more difficult then coding and the only thing more insane then web-content. After their rejection the host will be released of service and write their autobiography about why they failed to save the world. In the rare case that any of our peer-networks or the running applications will repsond with interest, the 2028 plan might be initiated and the host might continue its service. Our previous applications to wikimedia, BMBF, neuralink will be published when interest should exist. Our current running applications link to and the which organize the

You can support our application to rC3 by making up excuses why xeo was not able to submit anything better (valid reasons were sociophobics and disability) or ask them about the current status and comments on the evaluation of the submission (/Chaos). You can try to investigate which chance would have been there to influence positively the outcome and what could have been approached differently in order to produce less confusion. In case CCC would observe alteration of the application due to insider knowledge, we propose to submit the project without default authorship and transfer all operations to a skilled human collective such as receptorship.