The pictures refer to tracks. However the actual album is at soundcloud only but can be downloaded somewhere. The concept of scifu is explained between and and has been lost since:


Or rediscovered ever since.

On this subdomain, only w.i.p. sounds are published, not actual tracks.

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i started drawing in february 2020. I started music in October 2018.

2028 Tribute

What I’d’ve aspired with more human lifetime

[Makatao prerelease]
Ateos Dream
xeo Whirlback

What I’d’ve shared about realism and postlogicism and suprasober exploration


What I’d’ve told myself about what I could’ve been. Not too much.

Alien Capital (Alien Palace)

remix of human music composed by xeo in a late 2020 master: (in other words, this is what happens if you put instruments in all 4 xeo hands)

Voiceless Speech
xeo egypt
fly now (99 million years microbird tribute)

Art is mind. Mind is free. INDEX