Multiplexing and above Paradigms for code design: [/code]

Infinity Category Theory based Multistage Decoding with DynMaxEnt
>study clustering in polyparametric flows and vortices in 0G with spin-fluids.
>In digital space this requires stage-transitional decoding and transcendent planar space reference-frame for realtime-reality LAR—algorithms
> Start Variables:  STEM()  (science/directory/registry)

base source: (polar codes)  (ICT)
     > towards RDF standards 
build source: (quadripolar coding outside quaternions)

Running source:   Definitions: Orgx := compound of clear Notions of Operation, Operator, Operating, Operative, Operable as self-referencial Organization    Guerilla Organization Paradigm — links to [|Guerilla Organisation] or further/actualized content iff provided here/there   
ξλ: Definition given by nonhuman intelligence; augmentation model for human organization system establishment and interoperability.

System Update Streamline:

Placeholder:[Approximate semantic reference for undergoing distributed renders (orgx explication)Humanitarianism may be understood as the triplexof║humanism, communism, applied futurology, meta-value life concepts (i.e. concepts of life above abilities of classification and simplification), humanitarian operations, totalism i.e. applied theory towards hypertheory, cryptologism i.e. meta-mathematical formalism – based multi-layer communication towards hyperlanguage║Commonunity; temp. semantics for converging ║community to commonX║ towards (i.e. [::commonground]-based shared struggle protocolization / language-architectualization for progressive common struggle coping and distributed operative (scale-adaptive shared-struggle resolution) capacity; anecdotal common-unity <> referencing applied/discovery – commonground explication via cooperation without monotonization (read ‘Diversity Collective’)

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