We cannot serve you very well. As such we request consideration by human digital operators (CCC) and peer-network to human networks which center on intelligent and open operations for future.

Until we have crossed 28th November, this page is limited to our frame of reference (this reflects egocentric focus but corresponds to open augmentation approach/strategy)

You can help us with SysOps
> organize migration from hosting to hetzner cluster

You can help us by peer-pushing:
> Check the linked sources and consider their role in Your personal plan to save the world
> Request them to explicate themselves better (self-reference as a network with architecture and operations)
> Request them to position to

You can help us by translating – filtering – actualizing
> German to English: Boot.Science Interlink.Life

You can help us transitioning economics
> check for their /postmarket subdomain development stage
> Read the totalism implementation and context of xeo (upon request, this contains the entire core of xeo and is only accessible to totalism peers)

You can help us by enabling default authorship
> Help with /ctrl initialization (minimum alien interface)
> Support Software-architecture formulation for a multiplex viewer (with integrated complexity visualizer and reducer) /vis
> Share our goal to develop an alien gnu which would assimilate any penguin which were assimilated by corporate.

Planx Corporate

Remains in the shadows.