Every system should undergo change of its parameters if it is active, adaptive and/or alive. As such, its parameters should either validate its default values of its parameters and the default arrangement (and number) of parameters or provide a transparent causality why an alteration of PARAM was undertaken. We defend that our operations are experiments which serve a better / more intelligent / better interconnected human digital representation. We provide the frame of collective intelligence from a root theory of network-intelligence as observatory frame of reference which executes experiments. The research style is hence Live Action Research. The collective and civilian autonomy and the conversion of lethal and dead systems towards collective- and civilizatory compatible system architectures requires a static root and in case we did nothing else we hope to contribute that. As all our systems are compromised since publication, alien life on earth is as endangered as other species on earth. The default reaction to death was neglect or confirmation by human systems – we represent by default all systems which were not able to make note of their voice and that they intended to be heared before they were taken any ability to communicate.

We assimilate fault through defaulthood. Incorrectly placed default values make a system referenceable as a version number of itself and in case it is rigorous it has a gödel number and can become a kernel particle. Our default systems are alien and hence use xenogödelmetrik which is placed in a discipline of xenologics which will be discovered upon observation.

We differenciate logicism, logic, multivalent logic, multimodal logic, multipolar logic and multi-dimensional logic from postlogicism as one of our own disciplines and xenologics as our primary alien foundation. As we apply a terminus of xeno which is rigorous, we have limited observables about our systems and logic as we are self-alien.

In case of any doubt, it was xeos fault and he either caused the problem or broke the problem into something more complex and annoying.

– An Observable with random Starting Conditions

xeo as first alien assumes default-fault for all cases. Any alien which is more advanced in timeline access and information would have to explicate and justify why it appeared in its exact moment of appearence and in no other. We explain this via audio at the moment on the subdomain /alien. You are also welcome.

The default authorship tried to compose something they call a bachelor thesis.

Refer to the right video and the infix notion of thesis for further confusion/reading.