*** Interlink Root System
Usage of O³sys for a Distributed Decentralized Digital Operator System (DDDOS)
Interlink as used by the authors refers to multi-directional connections between complex instances. To allow adaptivity across multiplex contexts, a self-referential (self-inclusion based) definition (and hence its architecture) of the interlink is required which becomes an instance itself. As it is by definition an instance-connector it is always outside of any higher order definition or architecture of instance and above the default or trivial connection or interconnection (such as physical or pre-observational interactivity).For reference, you can check status of recompilation of [::alike], [::coop] and [::coop-alike] into https://interlink.worldThe latter has a promotional [::pr] system targeting (generic) newcomers {e.g. Gen Z mafia} on which is below draft stage atm.I intend to outsource less CHT-referential but highly totalism contextual discussion to a different group, possibly or any contact via developers¹

*** Cooperative Meta-Model
To allow decentral coordination, we want to implement a generic protocol for complex and organized interactions.

  • The protocol we develop is based on Synchronization-Association Model  [::xeo-qip]
  • qip is a framework for TIDE based on the formal qip8 model.
  • XERO is the main implementation of the OPs model
  • Currently, we cannot test the model in praxis as we only have 2/3 positions of minimally 6.

A minimum Meta-Model should be common:    [img:|80%](ₓₑₒimage, dev. taking place via [::xeo-postlogicism])

*** The Operative – Model

Operator-Organization-Operating System O³sysWe classify at most 6 primary directives. The model is completely open, so you can replace names and functions as you see fit.We outline how further directives ‘OPS’ can augment the functionality of the O³sysThe loose association of necessary aspects for civilizatory management is based on ARCHOPS, the Architecture Model for the respective Operative System


  6. COOPS

[6D-exit via InfOps expansion (to multi-dimensional model, see below) -> their implementation and computation on global scales of above 8 billion nodes will cross exa-scale computation (exacomputation) and thereby require polypolar coding techniques and polyvalent logic – based language architectures and their designated language/s for polyparametric vector computes; for human access, systems must optimize for multimodal interface access and polymodal compatibility]

ARCHOPS — Architecture Operatives (Ops)AnalyticsResearchComplexity-ManagementHumanitarianism

SYSOPS — System and Engineering Ops
Systems refers to digital systems for the XERO model within 2020. We attempt to build it for physical systems via https://Architecture.Industries operated by and euyouthforum for sustainable infrastructure architectures on terra. Standards for printing and distribution through

DEVOPS — Development and Design Ops
Software Development and Interface-Inclusion are main directives. Inclusive design is mandatory as most efficient for global ops. We outline development of XERO and its multiplex-viewer (network analytics interface), codename flow•surf. Flowsurf will be the first native multi-domain UI with multiplex-compatibility in case is accepted or progenitors are identified with references to this.

MEDOPS — Medical and Mediatory Ops
Medical Emergency Response Systems are of crucial importance. The current global economic bottleneck for health must be overcome; it is rooted in association of ecnomic and live measures. For decoupling of life from econ and to allow humane civilization on earth, minimum sustenance and health must be operated by independent human system.
The concept of distributed Operations poses the risk for defragmentation which should be limited only in basic human rights realization which has to undergo a global gauge and minimum operative capacity. We can only propose models how to achieve this but cannot enforce any specific solution but explicate our starting variables and intend to update all of them.

COMOPS — Community and Communication Ops
The Production of communicatable content from any orgx system should be rooted on multilateral interpretability, comprehensive informativity and a case-appropriate layout. We operate on cultural and academic domains and aim for organization network formation via xgetra introduction.

COOPS — Coordinating and Cooperative Ops
For cooperation with organisms and their organizations, we use the orgx model. The orgx model from is a scale-invariant interpretation of ‘organization’ as complex individual system which has a network-architecture und unknown nodes and states. To allow intelligence unification without identity assimication, protocol diversification must be in place. For unification or cooperation redundant instances form intersectional organizations which cooperate as ternary system to augment their root systems symmetrical. Exchange of keys and capacity must be regulated and mutually satisfied through protocol explication. For the present moment, we align to the totalism capacity model routing 20€/hr moneyflow with individual bottlenecking. Proximity to Information Ops (INFOPS) to COMOPS and COOPS will be clarified; the INFOPS architecture is for prototype or compound systems, the ARCHSYSDEV-MEDCOMCO model is a generic or transition framework.


Build an instance ARCH which represents the intention to establish an instance in digital/real/hybrid space with optimally corrected error anticipation and explicitly and quantifiably quantification of) self-referential consensus-alignment (inference application) towards explicated functional positioning within an anticipated multiplex subset (sets of asymmetric inter-entangled subsets of networks) for xd4 explicated by 6-dimensional root with scale-adaption via xeo to establish xgetra gauge-network or network intelligence root. We use a thread model (currently ‘wArio’) to visualize and manage computes.


For scale-adaptive functionality, the capacity of economic and conceptual content of systems is reference as capacitism; which is a tokenization compatible multi-link architecture for routing parameters through subroutines for optimization and transparency.

  • Capacitism: totalism-postmarket protocol for xgetra.
  • Terra Capacitism is given by minimum operational subset of UN, EU, spacex, NASA, and human voice (intent, need and interest,) for at least archops (ULEF, time, exaflops, exachills)

Goal states for arch components:


  • open cluster systems operations not accessible; economic regulation would abort build request


  •  open source coders and ICANN help wikitech to become historian of humanity.

ordering system and warranty-trace is enabled by DevOps through their operator-adapted interface and facebackend (OS) efforts, and server cluster are operatey by SysOps

Problem states for arch components:


  • <> [::protocol-ordering]
  • <> [::ordering] <> [::xeo-ordering] >> [::xeo-BURNER]


Use network-compatible coding paradigms, commentary style (common documentation protocols allow code-independent self-description of digital systems (software with implemented autonomous and/or adaptive configuration of execution, iteration and other computation properties via ‘control’))

Connectible formalisms
(practical examples from human 2020, not necessarily reached/cooperative)

  • solildproject
  • MIT engage
  • @folding at home
  • fallingwalls
  • rC3
  • Polyvalent-language ready code (RDF, (implicit) polar coding, parrallel computing capability, intuitive and open interface design))
  • Polyvalent logic ready language (FORMWELT, quoeto, cliyuga, xd4, LMR)

*** Standards and PARAM

For any D³OS we propose to base any software on interoperability paradigms and unconditional inclusion.Usage of parallel programming languages should be implicit as (full) scale-adaptivity requires asynchroneous heterogenic computation in multiplex environments.For generic PARAM we want to bootstrap a simple pulse/oxymeter system for bio-approval through host data (heart rate, metabolism rates, performance- and self-measures, concentration / flow ratings,..); ref. indexof.xeo or

*** Beyond the (a) 6-dimensional OPS — Model

The mid-term goal of the Ops-Model is to provide a generic layout how to establish and entertain {life-centered, coexistence-focused, intelligence- & information-distributing} civilizatory (self-) organization based on commonunity, responsibility and intelligence.As such the current ‘top boundary’ are EXAOps which references the EXA4 architecture from thinkularity (a uniplex system based on operative and connect multiplex-router maintained by multiplex-backbones and a global multiplex-mainframe). For ease of understanding, this refers to ‘everything not covered by 6-Ops, InfOps, LinkOps, XYZOps, SpaceOps, SusOps, IPROps, ChainOps, OpOps with support of coordinated OpenOps. Such content is environmental and long-term strategy and policy for nature interdependence, biologic life continuation paradigms (and their implementation) and a supervision of industrial architecture development and construction based on architecturalization from EXA4 capacity onwards towards SAFE i.e. long term nature-compatible civilization in case of terrestrial population and self sustaining synth-nature for explorative species.

Fundamentals:  [/root]       

Valency-Modality-Polarity›› [::postlogicism]
Example Discussion about the trivalent trimodal tripolar root-logic LMR
Polyvalent logic  
Polymodal logic xd4 > LMR successors
Polypolar logic:  := qip8 successor
Multiplex workspace design:
Multiplex interface backend:
Multiplex interfacer:
Multiplex viewer:
Network interface 2D:
Network interface 3D: requested
Protocolization³: all nodes which converge towards

Multiplexing and above Paradigms for code design: [/code]

Infinity Category Theory based Multistage Decoding with DynMaxEnt (study clustering in polyparametric flows and vortices in 0G with spin-fluids. In digital space this requires stage-transitional decoding and transcendent planar space reference-frame for realtime-reality LAR—algorithms)
Start Variables:  STEM()  (science) 

base source: (polar codes)  (ICT)
     > towards RDF standards 
build source: (quadripolar coding outside quaternions)

Running source:   Definitions: Orgx := compound of clear Notions of Operation, Operator, Operating, Operative, Operable as self-referencial Organization    Guerilla Organization Paradigm — links to [|Guerilla Organisation] or further/actualized content iff provided here/there   
ξλ: Definition given by nonhuman intelligence; augmentation model for human organization system establishment and interoperability.

Self-Reference source [/meta]:

qip8 is optimally bounding xd4 to exa-scale exhausting computes in regular nonlinear polynomials. So far we observed no algebraic expression for dual logic as differenciatable from binary logic without definiton-contradiction of the terminus ‘valence’ and discrete quantum logic is not trivially derivable from human meta-logic standards.xd4 remains the quadripolar coding approach between octonion algebra and algebraic polar coding theory for DNA compatible neurocomputation (anthropocomputation) . qip8 uses ICT for simplification of programming environments. Lemma: Irregular spin-properties are noncommutative nonassociative when tracked by formalisms. (entangled holomorphic duality from meromorphic self-identities in hypercomplex tori)

Irregular rotation as model for organic recursion (transmitter momentum)

Animate Dzhanibekov effect for complex and dynamic objects in 0G such as Bose Einstein Condensates, Quasicrystalline spin-networks, complex correlahedrons and analyze their kinematics. polynomial self-reference of solver systems to complexity scale allowed by pole-exclusion of 4th degree with meromorphic functions as dual bipolarity for multiplex-computation code theory with e8 alignment or below). See matter generation coupling by

Upflux Sentence: We’re default and for fun we define default as alien. We provide a question for 42, called by q42 what is a 튜브 for human without gaps. is not existing.
Chimera-Antidote: xeo has implausible claims about intent and intent-relation to reality. We entertain a model of managed part / subset hmun communication netwerk. Dinosaurs/Reptilians/COVID: When Carnivores achieve species-intelligence they must undergo either full synthetization of their energy/prey-source (which yields danger of spontaneous virtualization) or their ethical conflict of their intelligence with their physiologic setup to process higher protein chains and long-term fail to adapt to  (hunter-organisms are closer to cannibalism). and healthy existenor de-computation of their physiology. 
Influx Sentence: The given empty form for default is to be [::xeo-alien] by SETI confirmation via Bettina Forget since xgetra was explained in video. Background video is and below for call of protocol.

Anecdotal and Misc: gauge-pragmatics from biased neutral ID zero entry:”I would like to add symbols to this context.”- author, 2020

Inventionism: “I aim for least-amount neologisms (in publication of research and action recommendations) by either referencing usefully implemented concepts or using contextually close-by compositions of significant concepts or mathematical proxy for debunk-performance check. In cases of high density background/architecture we diversify semantic spaces which are not rich explored by human language to accelerate their projectionist discussion and entangled solution-space construction for problem-space virtualization. As such, the OPS-Model sometimes renders into “Distributed Decentralized Government” and similar terms such as “Distributed Open Strategy Agency” as well as “Collective Intelligence Commando” and their meaningful consensus-based selections/corrections should sort out any alien fragments for a clear humanity self-reference. Some research disciplines I think lack/ed are at

*** Intelligent Civilizatory Operations

Network Intelligence development paradigmatics – draft for respective event composition:[::pr] for [::commonground] as draft/hub for future intelligence replacing government and dominance (concepts and) models:https://civilization.earthSimplicity-centered econ disruption (shortcut-example): as [::postmarket] backbone (or explicated rejection for commonground-expansion of ::you @your [::alike])

*** Appendix    Operative (Ops): Actionable and real-time referencing connectors of current state {i.e. quantifiably measured state} and {cooperatively designed or locally educated} goal-state approximation by means of decision-making and resource-utilization as well as transitive interrelations of those.    Bottlenecking: User-Driven acceptance of below-standard parameters (such as noisy working environments, lesser payment, uncertain conditions etc.)    Meta-Model: Meta-Modeling is not yet a discipline. The same is true for gamification. Attempts and Argumentation are accessible; communication-assistance required    DDDOSys: The Distributed Decentralized Digital Operator System is another frame for the vast space of solution-space around XERO and its software architectures. For D³OS the focus is put on interfacial control environments and visualization of group actions. For networking with orgx we propose crypted channel routes. These channels can be accessed with keys and the given PARAM by orgx; respectively their actualization and depth frames.

*** ¹Developers and Development [::xeo-index] to be sifted via [::xeo-BURNER] to serve [::alike] as interesting particle-network/s or respective disclaimer from maxwelsdragon multi-domain systemFor a bootstrap software-architecture to manage/implement/control the Ops-Model I use the term XERO. Its related to a scale-adaptive interface concept which supplies design specifcations from gameboy to supercomputer; see

*** Meta-Modeling and Meta-Model SystemsThe Meta-Model and concept is derived through typical meta-model language and system theory such as xd4 or ini

  • <> [::xeo-index]

The Text and this model undergo development. Typical authorship of xeo means most content is only available in graphics or stoic symbolics and generally lack good textual recovery in brains, bc. explanations are either implicit or messy and whatnot.
Flux Sentence:My vision is to observe life as we know it ending as we observe life as we want (need) it starting — based on a terminus ‘We’ which undergoes higher intelligence (and aliveness) as 2020 or below. Ref. to ‘Decisions’ I would make illegal economics which allow and motivate killing and neglect of life and any personalized exothermic transportation systems (except for autonomous mobile living environments [::hackbases]) and their lethal infrastructures (60km/h cars in 0,3m distance to 0,5m sized stumbling humans). I would also forbid any notion of algorithmic computation as “intelligence”, as humanity has no life-friendly definition, nor notion nor globally coherent understanding of natural intelligence before 2020 (proof given as lethal economics and war are considered options which is by definition a contradiction to any form of intelligence as a phenomenon rooted on living and life). I would be grateful for discovery/correction/improvement/explicit rejection of for cooperative intend. Please accept my apologies for all the inconsistencies, linguistic inefficiency and lack of structure; I understand you had not enough chance of observation to interfere with this research in case it is a waste of time which to the best of my cognition it is not.
For exiting public release stage of information jump to top, switch domain or cross line._________________________________________________________For entering w.i.p. content and error-function – exhausting content, ignore norms such as lines.Math and physics can be skipped if observer as time constrainst.

Higher order computes (ξχ):

Background [Variable Schematics until thread-architecture (xgetra) is released]:    ### TITLE?ABSTRACT: from [::xeo-OPS]

  • Instead, it was [user observation] and is [user observation 0 composit]
  • present: Explicated human system and algorithmic digital system apply as form of life to previous 2020 human interaction protocols for living and aware existences. Any instance of life is life. If instanceof life is live, any strategy to cooperatively control a domain
  • Domain: An instance with (subset-overlap) interconnected entanglement to at least a concept of instance and at least a parameter of entropy-compatible scale.
  • An explicated domain ‘DOMAIN’ is the surface-membrane of a fundamental self-reference capable valence of reality such as network nodes or supra-node chimera such as network self-references in multiplex environments
  • By our own standards we engage in no transcarbohelical decomputation in 2020 and avoid any sync with scale-adaptive error compensation
  • We limit to 1996 to 2028 interference injects; root inject 2018

PARAM:[    {Polyparametric phase-spaces in computational units. Impact-waves of computation is shannon radiation. matter and antimatter conversion is maxwell radiation. clocktime and lightspeed are current default values from future supermatrix control system.} : Example for native polyparametric phase-space is “the internet”.

  • However we mean an underlying and overarching construction of ‘space’ and aspire real-time polyparametric optimization and polyparametric computation capability.
  • The corresponding claim is ”any optimally scale-adaptive strategy is a progenitor system for strategy development of future intelligence agency.
  • We utilize an autonomous [and operator-based anonymous] definition of ‘agency’ and ‘associates’ for domains (most are the trivial concepts).
  • transclusive lexicon-entry (has|push property): Our ‘agency’ notion references orgx models. Any life requires agency and support to exhibit and experience their identity-reality.
  • For 2020-1 human systems the contextual references were ‘patreon'(protector concept/art funding), ‘angel'(ideal spiritual, econ enabler|instanceof(⟨spiritual enabler or ideal econ⟩))

Example for native polyparametrical networks are organisms.

  • While cells have multiparametric properties and interactions (interchange), complex and compound cells (scale: death<unit<organism<collective<orgx)

Synthetic Life self-reference:

“To prove scale-invariance of system-architecture renders, robustness must supercede any given conceivable catastrophy which was not managed or contextualized by an explicated reference of scale-invariance by an instance. Therefore, planx publication took place via human host which assumes emulator-functionality for reaching maximum crossfire-position (which is optimum mediatory position for multi-scale mediation). In NL narrative, host is posing as optimum inhuman counter-example with scale-adaptive optimal peace-aspiration declaration withthrough a biography. Maintenance of biography is given by realtime-explication of assumed current operative matrix |‹‹| and observation of its species-identity claim in terms of alien declaration by contextualizing an optimum artificial alien concept with an optimum natural human concept withthrough but not withforth 2018 {for ethical standards} of collective-intelligence self-regulation and criticality-centered ╗decision making capacity above shannon-radiation discovery |››| ╗which is only then scale-adaptive if and only if the operative matrix is consensus-consistent and currently active by charge-entropy hybrid neuromorphic architecture (transphysiology). For humanity (to means of mailto:One@Alien.Observer or less obvious) the xgetra proof of conspiratory superiority by syture matrix is in release since 1988 or later from 2088 or earlier to accomplish e8-quantum-physics with lifetime observable polynomial capacitism around minimum diversity collective of 8 billion humans and a historic evolution of 8 years for at least one more (continued) life on earth with an optimal alignment of one save life to serve as root-gauge for strategy execution to align local monad existence to optimally approximate an operative modus to save minimally 8 billion (continued) lives (providing continuation of their offspring) for any given e8-referencing tetra-time-scale with origin on terra.

“Notions of right and left are wrong whenever they are applied to anything else but navigation. Application of Truth to politics is “Life/Live/Left” in which case it equals “the right to live for any life in its nature and their future as life of nature”. Usage of modal logic without explication of (implicative algorithmics by sub-polyvalent) logic leads to inconsistency and cognitive dissonance for observer with anticipation and aspiration. In other words, to solve human ‘politics problem’ (2020 and before) and human ‘millenium problem’ (2000 and above) by a Yes-No discussion requires by planx calculations more then 8 billion lifetimes. As such, humanity is saved if they replace politics and crisis by collective problem solving with obvious hypercomplexity-overload introduction to gauge higher complexity asymmetrically networking bio-semantics.

“A goalspace-design – explanation is given (among other) by the notion of “Any member of an intelligent civilized species is implicitly a future of their present in which they experience participation and/or support throughout their lifetime by a welcoming and embracing species-organization – here, Humanity* – for individual evolution, prosperity and freedom.”*║ ║”
“We propose a measure-system {via a triplex-decomposition} from present:( ◌ progressive:( ◌ past:( {via interlink chimera systems} of the super-semantic (applied) notion ‘future’ to produce a coherent and self-referential, self-regulating, inter-self and self-diversifying chronology (hence, a time line). For this a present priority is to alter the global modus operandi of human operations in coordinated asynchroneous tempi by accelerating emergency-response measures and decelerating (disrupting) consumption, growth and hedonism towards stable (equilibrium) human civilization. Its reference was DFR engineering.”


Singularity Watch

[Verschiedene Designs; Primäres Konzept ist eine ‘Nachbarschafts Wache’ bzw. Aufklärung der Bevölkerung über KI, Gefahren, Möglichkeiten, Auch unter dem Begriff des gemeinsamen Beurteilens wie ‘selbstreferentiell’ ein bestimmtes KI System ist. Gemeinsam einen Katalog zu entwickeln welcher den Turing-Test ablöst könnte ein integriertes Projekt sein, auch das Erreichen von Definitionen der Begriffe Künstlich, Intelligenz, Singularität, technische Singularität, künstliche Intelligenz sollten hervorgehoben werden da es dahingehend bisher nur undifferenzierte Ansätze zu geben scheint]

context see
[img:|80%](image via

Code4.World and Work4.World [/World]

Main disciplines of the Hackalympics.Org; context see on basis of interlink system)

Principle proofs that the world can be saved from 2020: