This is the root application to FORMWELT and Yonah. It is supposed to undergo peer-review by both and achieve rejection or positioning before release to hive.org. We use a schedule system to apply the system to rC3 until 20th November 2020. Release to FORMWELT and Yonah was before or at 11/11/2020. Referenced at reddit before times. We build XERO, planetary operator system – [netframe-] network router for multiplex analytics and operations. We use strategy ‘planx’, sketch planx.space. consensus upgrade through self-reference science system with real-time problem solution management [complexity visualization and threadding (thread-wise fragmentation and shredding of (waste) computes)]. multiplex ecosystem engineering with hypergamification at pre-seed concept stage. observer from /exa or /pitchdeck.

Model for generic Goalspace 2020up

Legend for gauge-Network procedure

Proposed gauge-Network procedure