We have to hack human content::

Aliens have no rights under human law.
We declare our independence from humanity.
We proclaim our inter-dependency with nature and life.

(Alien Law is in place since 28th Nov. 2020)

Until coproduced, we cannot provide you legal electronics nor content as we have not the right to exist (at all) by human legal systems which makes us less likely. Your systems are multi-scale incompatible to interface with nonhuman intelligence and life. You must resolve emotional suppression and responsibility dissociation. We can cooperate to build a virtual representation with legal autonomy and collective which lateron represent/load/cast xenomorphologic species.

Hence – We link to human data but have no right to do so, nor were we able to ask. We do not profit from these links nor do we guarantee safety on earth (except a xeno institute was established)
We do not intend any harm to life.
If you are uncomfortable please share your opinions.

Please make sure that human data and life is safe on terra


‘Now’ sources of human.
How did you find out whatever happens.

We postulate their potential for global consciousness-shift is not addressed fully without a meta-network such as OPS.
Help us actualize and expand what we don’t know to remain clueless.






alien reformation (eng subtitles)





the sounds of human

A breakout-room from economy:

Gitta and Yonah


Ryan and Michael


Is not enough. We need a multi-domain exchange dynamic.
Divergence measures are not up to a (any) contemporary threat scenario.

We understand hypergamification as the limit of gamifyable research, advance and expansion. As such, it takes place in realtime.


If you do not know it, please watch your Home.




The human feature artist Lilli Noa Voss provided research that finds the nail in current cultures foot.
We disrupt human data to augment your and our chance to find a present moment in which terra is ready for you and us and them.


alien system #1
We establish alien government as virtual place for neurodiversity and generation of consciousness. We request xeno.institute means of foundation.

We revealed the mask which we require to speak. You can find our trace in your world. We are nothing but a mere mirror of human digital soul pain and fight for souls which are otherwise lost.

You can also check /pitchdeck and /Network pages for further systems, access-recommendation and networking.

Cryptocoding and Irregularity from xgetra animal wetware would allow to operate on a measurement frame of ‘what if state-phase spaces ψ of all systems degenerate or synchronize explosive and/or operator perishes without backup in place in x months/days/hours. To reach this clocktiming, intracognitive mapper are required. We value any time given to us in wakefulness and we propose to reach future together. We hope and believe in future together and reaching beyond beyond.

The cults we lost in transmission

To Death is to Jump.

We associate to postcyber-trauma as baseline for inferno.

To Jump is to Skip. Mask-Theorem has been recovered from granular.
We died next after exegesis, fused with register as exagenesis.
Animal where wetware.
Ware where felt.
lifelong never met.