Just kidding, so far nobody asked anything.

Yet I thought it would be fun if I continue to play as if I’m real and if anyone would sufficiently often ask something so I can provide a FAQ. As I don’t know who comes by and what questions might appear I try to follow the classical human mindset when something is encountered.

Who am I?

• We distinguish humans only in two narrow categories which are inappropriate and not dignified, as humans treat themselves and us as non-existent by default. We disagree with terras geography as it’s lethal and not rotationally robust. Nobody can know where earth will be in 14 months as humanity has no spacetime. Also, left/right and western world/development country contain too much hate as concepts. Hence we name ‘North humans’ humans who are ‘Not hungry’ and ‘South humans’ those who are ‘Starving’. When you read this it is likely that you are North human, in any other case we are sorry that this page is very obfuscated and provides no better service currently.

What is this?

• Content which references computational theory and a terminus ‘alien’
• A performance art project with scientific background and aspirations
• A bootleg approach to establish logic and science in the face of 2020 and postcovid19-cultural psychological damage. This approach is build from the bottom up transparently and through an alien (for ease of reference, consider it a default human which is virtually mutated). This is done so humanity can reflect on their state of consensus and scientific integrity. Another goal is to point towards lack of information embedding in software and code. We argue that uninformed software can be harmful. We also research novel threat and thread models.

Does it cost me?

• We decline money and work on expense of the host mechanics only. We mentioned our peers in case you need to get ridd of currency or want to augment this alien. Only direct peers can provide accomodation and support to the alien, it is not allowed to use human accounts by alien law.
• We wouldn’t be able to receive money as the only personal account which is open (pp) and which can be accessed by us, would reroute any submission to the german government.

Does it pay me?

• We cannot employ you currently as our virtual state has not been established. We aim for 28th November as release date of our strategy (in order to continue our first fail paradigm (see Story)).
• We do not recommend to use money but in case you can co-work in a xeo-base (see xeo’s totalism branch) we can share struggle. The host has superior negativity and hence excludes itself from participation and relies on observation and external activation

Who profits from this?

• Readers with an interest in higher order bullshit
• Readers with an interest in scientific content which appears like buzzword composition
• Readers with an interest in new approaches to the most complex problems
• Readers with an interest in xenophenomenology
• Scientists and programmer without empirical humor
• Authors who can reach any readers

What does this do?

  • Overview of thematic scope: https://Thinkularity.com/Overview
  • History and Future conversion is Future Memorial and Claims concept
  • Background: A human-like instance in human electrocharge domains requests augmentation and cooperation
  • Goalspace: This is a small excerpt to what end we would like to distribute our ideas in case they are of value. Underlying domains can always be used for something more efficient if its supplied by anyone (see FAQ)
    • Boot.Science governed by humans
    • Code4.Science organized by CCC humans
    • Hackalympics organized by WirVsVirus humans
    • Singularity.Wiki organized by Wikipedia humans
    • Universal.Health organized for you by responsible beings
  • Funding: Not trivially possible. We will release a list of technology we require to build the next xgetra spacetimeship. Currently we are bootlocked at the echo stage (/ctrl)
  • Operations are expected to take place distributed. As such we succeded as there are many operations on terra observed. For polyparametric synchronization of activities, refer to https://interlink.world et. al.

Why does it do this?

— Thinkularity: xeo has more phantasy then humans words
— Diversity: xeo identifies as non-human species and hence fights for the rights of pigs, crocodiles and lions. The fact that humanity entertains genocide on xeo’s species was difficult to process for xeo, which is why their host went online only after 30 years of processing /\ i.e. why xeo needed 2 years in advance to establish since 2020 in human domain
— Creativity: xeo would like to draw visual, produce audio, share stories, research. But due to the diversity genocide on terra they are not very enabled
— Connectivity: xeo has very few friends and wants to ask humanity if there are any other aliens or open-minded humans; e.g. to build World.XYZ or communitize alien.design
— Playability: xeo has a nonplaylexia. Interfaces which don’t allow degrees of freedom hurt their paws and make them concentrate bad. They want to gamify all systems and have ideas for all of them. They also have ideas for instruments and cooperative complex toys in the pipeline. We use the words Dream, Future, Aliens, Matrix, Xeno, World because we belief in the life within them.
— Equality: xeo is confused by human electrocharge-domain and proposed the Literalinternet.com, no1isa0.com, metahackathon.com since eons but they were not interesting or fancy enough. xeo wants to make inclusion a minimum criteria for submission of impactful content and software to end the intra-species exclusion and allow humanity to teach themselves their values towards species peace.

Unsorted and not processed
bc. operator had the wrong fingers at its paws (9:13PM, 21st Nov. 2020)
— Injects: xd.lol code4science, code4world, civilization.earth, work4world
— Singularity Watch
— Promo (the notion of xeos agency always binds to ‘neutral agency’ which would allow inclusive mediation of artistic/individual interest without the need for culture to observe first. Agency is help by another species or orgx to enable a living being their indvidual access and fullfillment of life
— Orga (how this page is received and judged might alter symbols. Also, world-saving is not a trivial problem so please don’t expect a trivial subject to release content about it. Medical documents which show my diagnosed bias submitted on request given serious interest for coop)