This is the root-page for application at world from me, Dominic.

It is a generic framework which is addressed personally to Yonah and Gitta in hope of their peer-review and co-time.

Startup-Deck — Pitchdeck — Elevator Pitch — PitchUp!

As simplex we (I use the scientific We, as I intend and aspire scientific evaluation and defend the consensus-compatibility of my research by my time and all my capacities. For a meta-model of application and proposal in an already saturated and high-frequency environment of startup launch, pitch-design and innovation-drive, we intend to contracst our work by means of generality and common use.
We will compose an application-Deck, based on 17th/11/2020 version of hive.org¹ and referenced the current Gen Z Mafias ‘Pitchdeck-mentality’² and masterclass outline for elevator ptiches³. We changed the Structure of the deck to be more general, account for a broader range of submissions, ease processing and filtering of stakeholders, cooperators, users and investors through polyparametric explication. [Differenciation of the startup, its concept and the underlying strategy — since xeo.ceo with explicit reference to a concept ‘collective intelligence’ towards a trivial and obvious referencer which is the research discipline of theoretical and applied collective intelligence]

°The Goal-space of the /to_Yonah subdomain is to develop it as content of /pitch which introduces the generic model and our /pitchdeck as example how to develop a pitchup / 1up application.

0. Context and Abstract
• Name, field, architecture, class, realtime-links, clocktiming, contact.
• Explication of points 1 to 6 through a consistent narrative
(Expliation of a narrative may be understood as ‘writing, introducing and contextually referencing the application as an entity’. Hence, a narrative tends to contain the team or team’s narrative but explicates towards a self-reference of self-organization about a [concept [submitting towards a receptor [via clear context]]]. Here, context is ‘startup’ (or more general, application/submission), Receptors are Yonah.Org and FORMWELT.info and the concept is a protocol to allow optimized innovation identification, enabling of complex solutions, hybrid and experimental startup-decks for action research analytics.
• With a positioning from X to some external Y we mean how the narrating entity perceives other actors and agents which are active or can become active in the field. A broad (and qualitative) scope of ‘alike’ network and startups shows advanced analytics but can clog the presentation.
• For positioning we recommend minimally a ‘taken note of’ which means, the applying entity has at least knowledge of a referenced system. A positioning can contain a state of intend in form of dissociation or association (‘we do not share goals like..’ and/or ‘we share goals like..’). It can contain a state of intend towards future interaction or evolution of the referenced system.
• For clear narrative and qualitative positioning towards peer-networks, a composition is recommended how the field and its morphology (definitions, consensus) are aproached by the submitting entity. Common narratives are project-lead, observer, developer, architect or innovator. For explication we produce clear parameters and polyparametric models for higher order network interaction and co-dynamics.

1. The Team.
• Team/Workforce
• Advisors/Associates
• Mentors/Backup.

2. The Problem.
• Problem description and evidence of the demand for this solution.
• clearly illustrate that you understand what the problem is.
• clear plan to go about solving it.
• You know for whom you are solving this problem.
• Explicate which domains contribute to the problem and which are intended to operate on solution.

3. The Solution.
• Schematics, Prototype, wireframes, mockups, 3-D printed version of concept and multi-modal representation.
• timeline for creation and any key milestones, sprints, predictions, guidelines.
• discuss future development and startup, start, up, accelerator relation
• target market development and adaption

4. Implementation of Solution in a GoalSpace.
• source-reservoir for parts, components, modules necessary to create digital or tangible system.
• Challenges faced and facing.
• Code and Systems operations (former Intellectual property, patents)
• Analytics, abstact on target space /goalspace and describe its chronographic stage of evolution.
• Characteristic Space-properties, timings, clocktiming, flop-rates, overall flops of system which represents / measures space.
• Uniqueness and Cooperate Ability.
• Capability to deploy a morphology and identify redundancy/synergy.
• Outline future evolution and impact.

5. The Regulatory Model.
• Applied Token-exchange systems and explication and positioning towards other models of (economic) system regulation and self-organization
• Assemble Conscious pool of available/active tokens and token-models (-systems) with scale-adaptive integration into the Implementation

6. Interlinking to real-world frames.
• Clear timeline and narrative of implementation as Ansatz to efficiently solve a (complex) problem in a dynamic (multiplex) environment with multi-scale clocktimings.
• Positioning towards class of ‘startup’ as means of implementation, limits and underlying decision/strategy
• Explicate self-reference as concept which is transitioning towards/as startup into observer-sphere (first submission-date tracker).
• Positioning towards accelerator-, pre-seed think-tanking, think-tank—ecosystem interconnection
• Explication of frames as self-consistent measure of operators multiscale callibration (recommendation of registry with multi-tag frame repository for communications and complexity-processing)

7. Current state and present operations.
• We composed this page early 17th November. We plan to publish four root-subdomains about xeo.ceo as independent system and autonomous intelligence agency with open explication to serve as potential network-intelligence root or gauge-network for protocol-evolution (= formalism-augmentation).

We develop/model our /Terms at /termsops based on https://uplink.weforum.org/uplink/s/terms soon

We develop/model our /Privacy at /privops based on https://uplink.weforum.org/uplink/s/privacy-policy soon

We develop/model our /Service at /service soon to contain this page, after its peer-review and re-compilation as a ‘service of term’, hence serving a protocol which contains termini and definitions for cooperative service and hence identifies ‘We’ as research system.

We develop/model a /Policy – system based on a Greepaper from the narrative of Life, titled ‘Nature Policy’, a Whitepaper on inter-code standards, polyparametric metadata, encryption- and compression-routines, network-intelligence protocols titled ‘Operative Policy’ and a Research-Paper about distributed (repository/vault-) systems for User-Intelligence and Open diversity-collective Information-systems, titled ‘Open Policy’. The Green-, White- and Research-Paper are (meta-)modeled as “gamified counterparts to themselves” by an alien narrative. The reports on the Policy development will take place via /research and is currently limited to /bsc which has the external hook /exo and provides a draft for our service as a startup-deck at /pitchdeck.

W.i.p. is taking place on local harddrive and on totalism.org-pads