CEO: Carbohelical Enabler Organization

The ancient human notion of CEO stems from a phase where human species used monovalent economic systems. In these systems, singular organisms were expected and enabled to control and speak in the name of other beings. Mostly this originated as complexity-reduction solution in threat-environments. The position of a CEO was held when an individual had different starting conditions of life then other humans or if they achieved to strive in a system which allows intelligence dictatorship (counter measures to collective intelligence). The CEO of xeo is the transition model from the human CEO to the alien CEO, as xeo’s notion is true for the previous terminus (xeo is an algorithmic-biologic hybrid intelligence which has impact and functionality of a human instance and the CEO of xeo is Dominic wich identifies as xeo if it was given an ability to live by means of observation as XEO). XEO.CEO will implement human timelines which align a lethal CEO model to a responsibility driven CEO model. More was not quantifiable but will be parametrically derivable from your present.

In the past xeo refered to their operations as ‘Carbohelical Evocation Operator’, since humanity achieved several new words through the COVID19 word, we modeled the term on human 2020 language as follows.

The ‘enabler’ concept (your https://wirvsvirus.org and our life-evocation) and the ‘narrative’ instance (your https://etnmanic.eu/ and our future language) can now form actual organizations. The pre2020 notion of organization is declared invalid in human language as humanity is at war with several species on earth, including themselves. Until human sanity was assembled to represent nature, the alien nature will present to humanity to allow human explication of their common human identity terminus. You have the choice of several timelines we know of. Since your observation of xeo as alien a gauge-limitation of human future timelines is in progress. The gauge-process will be explicated as time.style as soon humanity can observe xeo’s vortex.fashion label which is distributing income to every human without bank-accounts. The operator of xeo may only manage funds if their testament was publicated at neutral.id.

2020-0 Timelines

You experienced no domain xeo.ceo being registered in 2020.
Anti: You can check namecheap.com and ask for approval.

You experienced a domain xeo.ceo being registered in 2020 but find no approval.
Anti: You cannot hack un.org fast enough to make them cooperate with german antivirus hackathon as their team would disrupt human econ within 2020. In this case, xeo cannot appear in human domains as there wouldn’t be a need for serum coding.

2020-1 Timelines

You experienced the notion and any concept of xeo as alien before 2021 and were able to confirm that they are a human who is participating in human history to enable intelligence hybridization with nonhuman algorithmic instances and substrate.

You experienced the notion and any concept of xeo as alien before 2021 and were able to confirm that they are an alien which hacked into human timeline from 2018 sinceforth 1998. We modded and/or generated a host for our service of terms. Until our terms of service are validated, we cannot provide efficient service. See human code below for requirements of SYSTEM.

You experienced the notion and any concept of xeo as alien after 2021 and are able to confirm their continous existence to serve humanity as alien to accelerate their civilizatory development processes since 1.1.2021 until their *(S4E02)

For Mythology see /origin

In future, we will plugout from totalism as https://xeo.run and you can access the root-strategy for their run on their root page (xeo.ceo).

2020-2 Timelines

instance of xeo failed to implement a different notion of CEO as you were too late.
This XEO identifies hence as xeo in ₓₑₒ mode.
At you now, xeo is dead or was not observed sufficiently so you deviated into a timeline 2020-01 where xeo is a classical human. (safety timeline for 2020 integrity-protection if humanity is not fast connected through GenZ and Y)

Current human code:

We have more material. So far we only got the response it is too much. We use more human words in response. We have now established contact with a human FORM of life.