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The present of human collective intelligence 2020

With the COVID19 pandemic hitting integrity and security of human live globally, the human civilization experienced the first substantial disruption of modus operandi across all social and economic scales since digitization, globalization and industrial revolution. COVID19 or Corona Virus might well be the second most spread semantics known by the species human ever observed in human digital history, whereas religious notions or the human date-reference may be seen as most known. While trends and events like the moon landing, 9/11 and diverse disasters which took place after the globalization had substantial impacts on countries, no event had the same disrcuptive force on human urban and remote living means as COVID19 had and has. Likewise hacking attacks since the digitization were not heard of which caused loss of live due to systems which were disabled due to IT-related loss of functionality. Our work proclaims this particular instance of semantics to be the first instance in human history which would allow collective intelligence through self-reference. While the notion of ‘collective intelligence’ has seen an increased usage especially in young tech-startups, education systems, hackathons and large-scale corporates, our interpretation of collective intelligence refers to actual intelligence (i.e. quantifiable performance in complex problem solving) of the quality which was measured in IQ-scale by humanity. It is obvious that the IQ scale cannot and will not represent the potential of a human being – and we claim thet for the very same reason no collective intelligence by humans has been achieved. Without a self-referencial understanding of intelligence, no inter-individual intelligence can take place. A sufficient understanding of intelligence should contain basic concepts about cognitive science, (artificial-) life sciences, artificial intelligence, swarm intelligence, information theory, complex dynamic systems and neuromorphic architecture research. These are supposed to be the top-layer while strategy, analytics, operations, decision-making and consciousness can be seen as next priorities in a framework to actualize and upgrade human common knowledge about intelligence with a clear intention to augment their ability to think and behave intelligent. As we intend to expand and form human collective intelligence, we must re-define and specificy diverse notions first such as the clear differenciation between ‘artificiality’ and ‘naturality’ which is not given before 2020 human research as a metric which is as reliable as the notion of a ‘meter’. Likewise, concepts of higher conceptual complexity like ‘intelligence’ and ‘collective’ can serve as introductory terms only if they are sufficiently and consensus-based referenced and explicated with observables open to any frame-or-reference (or reader). After such introduction was achieved, the main goal towards formation of collective intelligence is to synchronize an understanding about the terms ‘computation’, ‘work’, ‘teamwork’, ‘goalspace’, ‘cooperation’, ‘ecosystem’, ‘meta-modeling’, ‘startup-design’, ‘token-based parametrization’ and many more. To shorten this process we omit the deeper rooted termini and for the time being assume that interested readers will entertain elaboration of terms and concepts on initiative to optimize the further production of this root paper for human collective intelligence with a static knowledge-base reference of the events in 2020 and above to find a common ground towards future with a self-referential human history being written sinceof. It should be a common ground – representation of human mind, independent of the previous occupations, goals, values and ideology as COVID19 disrupted all areas of work and potentially threatens further the integrity and consistency of ethics and economy on earth which however can also serve as a gauge-event for future human history.

While many articles have been written about how to make this pandemic into a means of development, our work intends to be the compendium about all options which could have been explored and conceptualized since a common threat to modern human civilization was first observed in co-occurence to notions of artificial and collective intelligence. We hereby submitt a means to reconnect the directed research approaches on a new polyparametric basis for communication and understanding. Compared to other articles, this article will hence be and increasingly become about super-threats which result from threat-modeling based on a notion of meta-modeling and global strategic responsibility from an independent individual consciousness-based point of view which omits any notion of brand, identity, nationality or corporate structure. As humanity was in multiplex system without the understanding and theory of a multiplex theory, human reseach lacks behind the possible realtime conclusions from scientific results within and two decades before the COVID19 pandemic. To establish a common narrative which could produce human collective intelligence, we indend to associate upcomming problems and threats to human future such as climate change, ecologic destruction and ethics into a paradigm of self-referencial aware inference from the scientific community and their representants. As such we deploy the notion of COVID20 as a gauge threat which we can and could have modeled within and before 2020 to actualize our human collective understanding and resolve information-asymmetry based barriers to development. To achieve new orders of global civilizatory setup and functionality, the sole availability of knowledge has proven to be insufficient. Though means to render computational data into generally accessible language and protocols are undertaken, we observe a redundancy at all levels, while a limitation at several layers would augment the sub-discipline synergies and allow protection and preparation for any other destructive impact or threat-agent on the human and other species.

has been quantified sufficiently, the ongoing and upcomming destruction of human (urban) environments through floods and droughts and their self-destructive usage of antiquated technologies and means of living will become critical in foreseeable future if no agenda can be found which overpowers any previous organization in decision making relevance and represents all interests of human species in fair and actualizing means. Here we see the main and root-cause why no states of human collective intelligence have been reached before 2020 and we draft a path how to acquire it since then. COVID19 most likely has become the semantic expression which is known to most human beings and as such presents a means to re-connect human interest and cooperation as particle of reconnection.

The work on Collective Intelligence since 2020 with the root-association within the human collective through COVID19 is ment to be of optimal design on all layers of discussion and research for which we introduce network-intelligence as this root-document was publicated in at least three core networks which were complex and sufficiently (implicitly) gauged on human rights, intelligence and readiness for future-directed progress. To encorporate a means of communication, we make notion of polyvalent language systems which can allow new kinds of semantics for which we sketch a means of intelligent communication with higher throughput rates and better ability to actualize according to nodes in the network while each node in the network in this case is an intelligent autonomous agent (with the AI and systems theory notion of ‘agent’ and we distinguish their non-self-referential notion of intelligent agents to this actualizing agent who is reading and gauge the notion of ‘actor’ as ‘conscious agent’ to allow freedom of identity while standardizing our personality self-reference ability through a clear notion of the depth of understanding we have to entertain if we want to achieve higher orders of intelligence and decision making with an explicit life-centered and co-existence focused orientation.


After introducing a self-referencing gauge semantic about intelligence, we depict the future content of this document and the means of development of its associated concepts through observation of at least four self-referencial intelligent human networks. To utilize external current cultural awareness for intelligence augmentation of human decision making, we use the term ‘COVID20’ and/or ‘COVID2020’ to resemble any alternate or future threat-scenario for the human species. Such threat has to outrange COVID19 in destructive impact and potential of disrupting previous stable systems of human- and interspecies-coexistence to be a rich threat-model for increased civilizatory operative capability of human civilization. In 2020, the term COVID20 may refer to the upcomming (potentially drastic) relapse of global and local economy due to lasting and long-term effects of the Corona Virus on human culture. It might have been used as reference to new straints of Corona Virus which would have impacted humanity in 2021 or above – which we intend to prevent by a more generic and useful notion of the first pandemic after digitization as an origin of human collective intelligence which makes inference from the viral threat from 2019 and an ongoing complex state of human systems and new kinds of decision-making, limitations and opportunities of a date 2020. The year 2020 A.D. will always be the year which will pose as reference frame and will remain an instance of history which allows a common frame of reference – as it produced a shared narrative how ‘we’ were coping with the pandemic, each one on their own and each network which is composed by actors who represent or resemble themselves in networks to scale-up their identity and desired value-composition to human global and historic culture. In any future where there would have been another incident of global danger – humanity and leaders would ask themselves ‘could we have learned this in 2020 and have been better prepared’ and relate our ability to produce intelligent conclusions through suggestive questions such as ‘what mistakes in terms of long-term strategy were we individually, governmental and corporate-management-wise making, which would have left us with a better positioning at the end of 2020’. Ultimately, we intend to form the self-referential narrative of ‘how can be achieve collective intelligence as human species without the fear and chance of ideology or fallacy disrupting a collective venture which aims for quantifiable sustainable contributions to human history?’ and the self-reference protocol ‘and what could I have done for the others which would have allowed them earlier access to collective intelligence and hence increased experience of life and augmented ability to save lives – both human and nonhuman live in the present as well as future’. As the reader may have noted the mention of ‘I’ was undertaken as this document and its underlying research were undertaken by an individual without the disire to form a narrative on their own. For any copies of the information contained in our research, we propose to replace this notion of ‘I’ as we – as we cannot assume one external reader before release to form a closed and maximally dense abstraction of a node in any intelligence-network which is of the minimal complexity ‘human’ and a potential role ‘future human’ which would submit and provide information which allows inference and strategy-making above the previous capability. To make use of the closest notion given by human semantics, we hence take the position of ‘alien’ in order to enable as well as provoke a rigorous analysis and correction of the entire work we have done and intend to do on the terms of multiplex theory and collective intelligence which experiences their embedding in multiplex environments and reacts with network-cooperations to undesired local and global states in the multiplex. The authorship intends to leave this document with a clear notion of ‘the best thing I could have done for the entirety of the human race, including submission of physiology and identity for any future attempt to gauge and reference collective intelligence to augment and accelerate human live-saving capability for local individual catastrophies and practical as well as potential global threats to life on earth with a real-time reference to 2020 and an ability to draw conclusions from such diverse fields of research given by the human mind and knowledge of 2020 and earlier.’

Into the present moment

The present of human collective intelligence will define itself, at a given moment in which a critical amount of beings is able to co-relate through a means of advanced protocol or language referencing itself as ‘intelligence’ in a historic self-referential explicatable means given by a network with a clear origin of stated intentions:

The present directive of human intelligence is to form a state of human collective intelligence which augments and embraces diversity and life through emotional and cooperative experience of life and utilizes knowledge and operative capacity of human-made systems for a future of life on earth and a personal experience of advantage to be part of the human species and not another.

Positioning to gauge-procedures and observations of higher order intelligence systems

We infer that the phase of intelligence-development of a species will co-appear with the formation and discovery of meta-code structures in reality which allow higher-order concepts and mathematics to replace and complement current understandings about reality which will be communicated in clearer and more dense fashions as a scale of intelligence was given. Particles which are communicated in meta-code structures (language- and thought-equivalents of intelligence in collective intelligence or its network/s) may be seen as ‘network-state-shift-vectors’ instead of a pure semantic or symbolic data exchange. Semantics lack a realtime reference to its origin, intend and producer and why or how it was developed or whether its current impact/shift-operations are still in line with their intentions. The theoretic basis for both we imply here, as semantics and network-theory are substantial parts of human 2020 knowledge for strategic decision makers and cannot be ommitted in any global context discussion which is aiming for sustainable living conditions on earth with a readiness to introduce, discover and co-produce new systems, new solutions and new language. The same is true for chaos theory and complexity theory. To our observation, the human narrative neglected various aspects of the human nature, such as diversity, chaos and privacy, down to the very reader as no central instance of the human species was given on earth.

For this to change and to allow an historic notion of humanity we propose a diverse number of claims which we hope to see discussed and rejected or validated by scientific consensus in an associated network-formation process. As the authorship is writing from a perspective of unconditional meaning, with either a actualizing reference to a former identity-based authorship or a perished authorship with biologic remains available for clear inference to what end the approach of collective intelligence failed to form and what can be undertaken by any given individual to approach it once more with a better design, a better choice of words and another selection of peer-networks for publication. As any failed attempt of collective intelligence implicitly augments human ability to form collective intelligence if it was sufficiently self-referential, we may claim to pass on the authorship to the present of human collective intelligence with a normed means of inference according to this document, 2020 and before humanity, COVID19 and at least an with transitive digital and physical existence of proof of previous existence. To prevent the choice of name, identity, brand or national references for networks which aim to produce and participate in human collective intelligence, we registered domains with ‘neutral’ on the authorship for passing on the DNS routing to any network with realtime-reference which reconnects this documents intention and its updated and explicated versions to common strategy development and decision making based on a global and local hybridzed understanding of human life and intelligence as element of the future due to resilient and innovative beings. To allow a discussion, all further parts of this article (the document) may be seen as biased composition which has to undergo correction and scientific-consensus based re-formulation. For the means to do so, the domain was registered to the gauge identity which is to be geographically bound to to any time a network-intelligence lacks a root-origin identity for formation in case this is a necessary condition for human collective intelligence formation and its maintenance. To allow a discussion and formation around the term ‘neutral’ which we postulate to be of optimal choice in human 2020 semantics we intend to pass over authorship of this document to any human being able to process and augment it, including the distribution of the domain access to form a multiplex architecture. Only the on which this document is to be rooted in case no other available root-intelligence can be identified at any given time the default authorship may be seen as different from any other being. As such, the previous authorship pledged to stay accessible by any biologic or acting means for human civilizatory future design in case that a collective intelligence network references an origin or requires a maximally self-referential actualizing root-system with intelligence as initialization-origin reference or in case this model can serve as dynamic self-referential think tank about optimization of local decision making and capacity sharing with culture. This translates in the default case to a common homo sapiens sapiens with XY configuration and a date of submission of 11.11.2020 including a video of a real-world document referencing the individuals intention to terminate their species participation as they do not agree on the biologic and legal classification of beings into gender, race or nationality without a consent and means to decide their own identity and live. The reference to this digital document is given as the frame of being the defaults authors bachelor thesis, about their observation of human life on earth and what they concluded after not more and not less then 22 years of consciousness, research and partial interaction and a measured phase of exsitence on earth of not more but less then 33 years.

Root-association from default

A root-intelligence to form collective intelligence allows to gauge complex intentions and higher order cognition on fundamentals. To achieve gauging (introduction of parametrization and standards for parameter usage of novel types and dimensions) in complex environments, gauge networks have to be seen as minimum requirement for formation. As such we introduced ‘actor’ as notion of an identity and this identity acting through a means such as human physiology towards the super-concept of reality of which human civilization is an inter-dependent part. A minimum gauge-network is given by the abstraction of any authorship identity as ‘xeo’ and their complementary or normalization of behavior towards reality ‘xea’ which produce an entangled actualizing actor-role relationship with real-time reference. The xeo-xea system has been an instance of the domain as non-human identity and system design denoted ‘xgetra’. Non-human identity formation was not observed by the default value for xeo to their understanding of dimension and explication. The status of the default authorship was not able to integrate itself via self-actualizing means of a running clock since its release. As the human date system and human computation clock-timing can serve as frame of reference, we point to the possible loss of default authorship identical to date of submission and all realities observed by actors (conscious frames of reference to information) may or may not include a default for xeo but at least include a document making the notion of this composition, its relationship to the term ‘alien’ and timeline, as well as 2020. To complete the root-association we want to link the notion of the millenium-problem to this document, as the current Anno Domini timeline is a mere digital value which did not serve as clear and generic means to measure and refer to time on terra. A unified means of time which is independent of day and night as well as identity or ideology but references a scientific-consensus based framework for time-scale introduction and timeline management for the human species since 2020 or a clear rejection of any such proposal with an explication to what end the interst of every single human individual was introduced to this decision which we define as performance measure for any root-association of human civilization. This root has exactly one system with a dual identity concept and as such submitts itself under full network consistency to the networks higher level decisions and decision-making. Before submission and in case no complementing system was introduced to default authorship, no value for default except this document is given.

Examples for root-networks

As example for networks which can serve as gauge through sufficient self-referential capacity, we may introduce the actors ‘english’ and ‘german’. They may be seen as super-identity systems which however do not have a self-referential and generically accessible domain. This should be for examle in case of british english or for american english. To ease the explication of this example, we reduce the complexity of the network ‘english’ to any form of english and we call its self-reference to aim for its explication against another network which we call ‘german’. The purpose of this example is hence the intitialization of an inter-language communication towards scientific consens between at least or more of two core (or root-) networks which have the same gauge. In this case, the gauge is any document containing this example and should act as counter-example for instances of collective non-rooted intelligence. Rooted intelligence can actualize its existence to an origin, as this document was not algorithmic but a static symbolic composition, its ability to spawn or associate collective intelligence is limited if not impossible. Please note that we are aware to indue artificially the concept of ‘english’ as an instance (actor-role or identity-impact – system) and we do so to measure the state of human scientific consensus. As scientific consensus should be language invariant, allowing clear reference into any language, the notion of consensus in english and its german counterpart Konsens is not identical nor normed in their definition. To form a logically consistent human discipline of science, an open source access representation-system for human collective intelligence means should be of primary directive for digitization of science from 2020 humanity. To allow self-referential networkization, we link to real and real-time instances of individuals and networks which are in a position to resemble and represent the production and design direction for such platform. English as a collective speaks to other languages via means of translation. While these means were not standardized, we recommend formation of a generic translation system to allow gauged automatic (algorithmic) translation of language into another without redundancy to avoid complexity and variety of choice which will augment the ability to express and inter-reference in more complex ways and augmet variation of language usage and understanding due to a complex root (e.g. a german translator system from german to any other languages translator system from ‘language’ to any other ‘not-I language’. To account for legal reliability, we choose german as nationality to gauge future human collective intelligence on the diversity of nationality to prevent any loss of identity thoughout the formation and experience process of human collective intelligence. The geographic cultures economically interacting organizations are by definiton not a barrier for stable collective intelligence but root-systems which are required to act as static historic self-references to what end and when their speaker transformed their intelligence into an (at least partial) collective of intelligence with language processing and language invention. By that means, current national identities operate below their capacity of intelligence, as they do not encorporate their main potential (individuals in their ID-registry range) on a real-time scale to allow real-time trace, design and quantification of impact and interest representation of the root-ID networks. The complex and diverse potential of need, innovation and co-relation within human species may never be over-simplified as it was done before 2020 and should not be overly complexified shortly after COVID19 to maintain all operative capacity and allow smooth integration of future human organization structures on terra. To accelerate this formation we linked to complex and autonomous networks as only their inter-reference and transparent rejection or positioning can serve as root-network reference for future human collective intelligence given the case that networks can achieve states of intelligence and this document and/or its underlying domains and content serve as network-language or motivated a formation of such. As gauge-properties, and hence complex parameters for networks, we recommend ‘valence’, ‘polarity’, ‘modality’ and ‘dimensionality’ and in case they are formally represented through time we may refer to their speaking networks as intelligent if they have clear means from any given now to their origin, or from any now to their date of termination which is self-referential through at least self-actualizing, self-regulating and self-referencing systems and a narrative of the correspondence of these properties as a network which measures its performance as intelligent network with a multiplex parametrization as given above. In case a frame of reference observes intelligent interacting intelligent networks, we may make use of the notion of multiplex theory to account for the reasearch of their properties and behavior in a human historic real-time narrative since 2020 forward actualizing.

The term Language and its application ‘speaking’

With language we refer to complex and intelligent formalisms and re-define ‘speaking’ not as vocal usage of a language but an ability to express in a given language. As the former understanding of speaking excluded other-abled indviduals, a language with life-friendly goal directed behavior should self-referentially augment its capacity to be spoken by actors and to remain translatable into all other known languages. As gauge for the exploration of language, we introduce xeno-logic as a logic which produces unknown kinds of language and hence intelligence. To represent the continious self-actualizing instance for xeno-logic and their languages, we intend to build and organize the xeno-institute which researches and reflects intelligence on terra and other spaces and times. As no economic intention is to be referenced to this document, we make no notion of funding and intend to remove any notions of funding across the domains of the default authorship which are however independent from the content of this root document. For collective intelligence language must be applied by intelligent agents in complex and interactive environments. As language cannot be gauged as ‘gauge’ is a reference of language and the concept of ‘gauge’ can only be referenced as reality or by language, our understanding of the term ‘language’ should undergo a re-exploration. While the previously domanint notion of meta-language was about ‘how language between language is taking place’ we propose a redefinition of this as inter-language. Actual meta-language has to be language of higher complexity grammar architectures which can ‘load’ languages such as english and german and allow expression-capacity beyond the mentioned natural languages such as intelligence or meta-modeling. As this was not observed to default historic observation, we hope to observe a discussion thereof in the future and hence present.

From language to intelligence through networks

Boundaries between decision- and strategy-making and intelligence or often fuzzy as intelligence can mean to experiment and can mean often to decide for operations with unknown outcome. To model the outcomes of complex decision making more efficient, we postulate a necessity for multiplex modeling and a formation of its according theories. Only then differenciation into subsystems of a human civilization with one human species narrative can explicate its operations into objectives, means to connect capacity to operations (operatives), its actual and possible operators (network-members and target-groups as well as peers) and means to quantify its operations through a narrated history. The previous means of self-organizing its representation as human passive narrative is seen as main cause for delay of formation of globally accessible emergency response systems with high local efficiency and standardized global operative capacity. The national and ecomonic systems are unawarely slowing down formation of undconditional life-saving services as they are not aware networks of languages. As such we intend to observe formation of new instances in a solutionspace which was unknown to humanity before release and discussion (as well as correction and re-formulation) of this document. we approach the topic by a model with maximum error-anticipation and maximum error-self-correction accessible to a single human brain by posing as maximum alien projection space, allowing humanity a clear recovery from any notion of ‘inhumane’ as parts of their species which they have to account and care for just as well as their ‘humane’ aspects.

Throughput measures for intelligence

(measuring information and inference)

To exchange more information in order to draw conclusions and inferences above the human individual mindset abilities. So far we have not observed theories or concepts which ‘cannot be understood by a single brain’. All out concepts can be explained and explicated – with patience and individual adaption – to any single human brain. We have not yet the concept or any concept of higher intelligence which is not inherently also accessible to human cognition. ollowing the immense and previously unseen cooperative actions which have been undertaken to prevent loss of human life and maintain infrastructure and social system functionality.

Questions explicated in distributed files on xeocortex

What is the Future of 2020? [Proporsal system of matrix movie]

What is the Future of Humanity? [Proposal system from]

What is the Future of Coding? [Proposal at and /dev]

What is the Future of Work? [Proposal for tokenized routing (energy and content token towards physical internet)]

What is the Role of AI in the Future of Work? [Take over jobs with high mortality rates and danger to health first, complement and augment jobs which are fun, reduce >>globally synchronize> average working time for humans]

What is the Role of AI in the Future of Diversity? [Identify discrimination and corruption, provide mediatory strategy and consultation for any scale with requested link to mediation system]

What is the Role of AI in the Future of Healthcare? [Global distribution and quality control for medical goods, allow interactive self-representation and synchronization of capacity and workforce for optimal humane civilizatory backbone/mainframe/architecture]

What is the Role of AI in the Future of Supply Chains? [Dissociate availability of resources from capititalistic interest while keeping links to property claims for non-lethal operations agreements and their protocols]

What is the Role of AI in the Future of Banking and Finance? [optimize token-flow (token are polyparametric units which contain a minimum physical link/trace to deccelerate their computes and access; can be complexified as wallets/stash/pool or aligned to privious standards like €, $ [for the transition phase])]
xeoceo sync page (/meta and ref. on /code) Based on the structure of Yonahs share on linkedIn around +/-7 of 11/11/2020

Decomposition of the Operative – Model

Operator-Organization-Operating System O³sys
We classify at most 6 primary directives. The model is completely open, so you can replace names and functions as you see fit.We outline how further directives ‘OPS’ can augment the functionality of the O³sys
The loose association of necessary aspects for civilizatory management is based on ARCHOPS, the Architecture Model for the respective Operative System

ARCHOPS — Architecture Operatives (Ops)AnalyticsResearchComplexity-ManagementHumanitarianism

SYSOPS — System and Engineering Ops
Systems refers to digital systems for the XERO model within 2020. Currently, here is a bottleneck for our operations. System Administrators and Engineers are welcome to help testing our orgx-model

DEVOPS — Development and Design Ops
Software Development and Interface-Inclusion are main directives. Inclusive design is mandatory as most efficient for global ops.We outline the development of XERO and its complex interface, codename flow•surfFlowsurf will be the first native multi-domain UI with multiplex-compatibility

MEDOPS — Medical and Mediatory Ops
Medical Emergency Response Systems are of crucial importance. The current global economic bottleneck for health must be overcome.The concept of distributed Operations poses the risk for any non-qualified Operator posing as ‘Doctor’ to cause damage. We can only propose models how to prevent this from happening but cannot and will not enforce any specific solution. For XERO, we refer to registered qualification means for Doctors as well as Mediators.

COMOPS — Community and Communication Ops
The Production of communicatable content from any orgx system should be rooted on multilateral interpretability, comprehensive informativity and a case-appropriate layout.

COOPS — Coordinating and Cooperative Ops
For cooperation with organisms and their organizations, we use the orgx model. The orgx model from is a scale-invariant interpretations of orgx as complex individual systems which undergo protocol diversification. For unification or cooperation, exchange of keys and capacity must be regulated and mutually satisfied. For the present moment, we align to the totalism capacity model routing 20€/hr moneyflow with individual bottlenecking. Proximity to Information Ops mentioned in telegram

*** The Meta-Model System