Depicted is Multiplex.One with semi-self-containment resembling a lifeform with ganglion on the left and flagella at the right. It has a rectangular back-fin which resembles its anomality compared to the animal kingdom, though (if implemented) it would show signs of life.

The upper left bubble is the polycontrol net, the ‘fin’ is the M³ Mapper we released on ResearchGate and its flagella split into the 8D-world model from interlink.word and the root cooperation model for shared narrative and Generation Z enabling.
The semi-self-containment is given as Multiplex.One appears as domain within the Multiplex One system. It serves as proxy computation-instance for any placeholder module which is not implemented yet or which has been halted. (Currently, all systems are halted except the controller system to allow the conclusion storyline and allow peer-review within 2020 from a top-down perspective on the system)
The system has hence a polyparamatric gauge and allows distributed autonomy as any system can encrypt and exclude but can always back-compile itself for paramatric compatibility. An exclusion would ‘degenerate’ if it removes parameter-compatibility which would disqualify it as multiplex computation capable subsystem. Hence, any multiplex computation must be capable to process polyparametric with a minimum dimension derived from the induced multiplex-theory.

Domain Coding

Below is a rough (outdated) classification of the subsystems and the fields they represent. Each “SYSTEM” area has its respective parameters and (metadata) identifiers for filetypes and computation (instead of text based protocols).

Multiplex Viewer

To construct a multiplex viewer, we reference multi-domain interfaces. These are often used for RTS games and as representarion for ‘multidomain warfare’. We based our draft for a multi-domain interface on the Ops-Model which has hence six domains. Through activating their contents, intersectionality arises. With complexity reduction systems, these interfaces can help to visualize and manage complexity.

(Conceptual sketch)