Current Root theory about Network Intelligence:

We address the operative space (aspects of reality which can be changed through human-made impact). We resolve the previous problem with singularity and collective intelligence by making clear the tetra-polarity. There is convergence which leads to unity and divergence which advances autonomy. To enable both activism-networks simultaneously, a neutral gauge for synchronization and coordination of capacities and applied strategies must be provided. Such dynamic individually adapting distributed multi-link system (we name it ‘interlink’) allows cosync of complex systems in a multiplex environment.
Cosync is [Coordinated synchronization]¹ and [Synchronized Coordination]² as dual instances / operatives which are itself undergoing cosync¹² to establish open intelligence agency on terra multiplex.

Current Optimum (Collective) Intelligence-Network:

This is an example. The full Composition contains /update and /future to realize or correct /world (on /world are the one-frame—plans to save the world). The geometry is geeting multiplex and hence we provide a simple network.

For generic instance we identified 4 iterations as optimum balancer between network dynamics. This requires reference through protocols which allow fluid entities – organization interaction and organization formation and termination.
For multi-scale protocols, we propose the trimodal orgx model which is based on the hexavalent Ops-Model. For Multiplex Logic we require better systems for representation.

Current Approach to implement polyparametric protocols to evolve Startup/Licensing dynamics:

We align with the protocol for network-intelligence to classical contemporary concepts of pitching and application. We propose to add sprunginnovation-detection and triggering (progressive integration of civilians to digitally rooted new models how civilizatory operations can be managed).
We introduce DEM (Digital Ecosystem Modeling) with a trimodal (progenitor persistor progressor) trivalent (priority preference promotion) tripolar (life meta resource) polyparametric computation system. Below is a subsystem, the incubator which has a temporal logic to communicate between 2020 and above systems for work/econ transition.

Current Gauge State and Excerpt of Overview:

How germany could’ve been saved already:

Given the rare case that a project-lead pops up