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*** Network Intelligence fundamentals

(current name for instance = Ops / Ops Model – see meta)

Disclaimer: This ‘We‘ (the usage and notion of a concept of more then one consciousness which references each-selfes through language) refers to this author and this reader ≡ you and the following supersets of information in terms of (processing and) continuous and applied discussion (i.e. inference) with/towards a minimum network intelligence protocol. Until 11.11.2020 authorship was monad and awaits decentralization since thenon. From 4th-11-2020 this document is targeting investigated observer of the 1-11-2020 version and will become increasingly inaccessible to our permanent target-group ([::newcomers]) because 2020-1 timeline builds current OPS model into a generic model without authorship. Until obvious common ground has been established for any [::newcomers] to provide easy-access first-contact we are doomed without first-contact peers. For Network intelligence we provide an architecture-draft starting with a notion of introduction.

Claimer: We have actualized the model since 11-11-2020 to include a november-december 2020 linklist for progressive call to action for human intelligence agency. Linklist is to undergo investigation and inter-association by any operator and compared for its compatibility rating to [::alike] by a protocol for complex organizations we denote as ‘orgx’. When any given orgx model is scale-adaptive from organism to species, it can accomplish optimum cooperative strategy to save life on earth from a species-perspective. The ethical reasoning to do so is human-driven cascadation and exaberation of ecosystem parameters. To amplify efficiency and accelerate promotion, the OPS model accounts also for novel viral and alien threats to test and prove its interactive problem-resiliance eduction of culture without a danger for centralization or actual COVID20 |through absolut centralization as obvious threat or joke (this was obviously not written by an alien and its obviously not an explicit plan to save the world but you cannot prove this without participating in a more intelligent cooperation then UN and EU by means of a live cooperative action of humanity for collective intelligence root-formation (and its application for civilizatory origin). Until the disclaiming host terminated operations or humanity resolved their intra- and inter-species war on terra, this introduction was insufficient to explicate butterfly-effect anticipation strategies in multiplex systems which make necessary call of mulilayer connections early. If it was too early or late, this failed to save humanity from COVID20 or failed at something different. As an average observer requires peer-communication for networkization of intent and evaluation of meaning, decentral analytics about content should take place soon. As the content must contain and reference networkization before it had a root-entry, we conclude the lack of root with an introduction by making clear a claim.

Introduction: xeo’s vision is to observe life as we know it ending as we observe life as we want (need) it starting. Who is ‘we’? What is ‘end’, ‘start’, ‘life’,..? To intruduce a terminus ‘We’ which undergoes higher intelligence (and aliveness) as 2020 or below, thisauthor is supposed to change from ‘current’ to ‘collective’ by assigning a narrative to itself which performs continuous peaceful minimal mediation operations to all problems threatening live in a 2020-clocktiming linking to their deeper layer discussions, discussion states, associated networks and current intensities.A term of ‘We’ which implicitly excludes any life-threatening paradigms (econ, right-wing, ideology,…) requires global synchronization and local independency and hence their actualization through faster-then-matter communication such as electronics. For actualization of multiplex systems (such as terra after 2020) without causing convergences towards monadic architectures (singularities, monopolys, physiologic virals, chemical radicals, criticality-unaware dependencies (in repositories or mindsets)) operations and networkization must be gauged on mutually coexistence-focused through mutual agreements and mutually executable protocols. As basis we proposed human species inter-dependency declaration ‘a green-paper (human term) of the narrative ‘nature’ (a future human term)’ to establish a self-referential notion of humanity to nature, a human history and a broader concept of human-interactive nature which overarches and foregoes human history and her self-understanding (and its foregoing self-reference).
We predicted main difficulties in communicatability since march 2020 as language-based as multilayer reference in non-gauged multi-domain systems is not solvable with chomsky-recursion language on turing machines or suprarecursive language on non-turing machines. As such a minimum set of required re-definitions of fundamental semantics can be proclaimed to serve as pilot-function for first order estimates of dictionary scope. We utilize axioms such as ‘code’, ‘cooperation’, ‘politics’, ’emergency’, ‘freedom’, ‘autonomity’, ‘artificiality’, ‘nature’, ‘cognition’, ‘intelligence’ and at least ‘terminus’ and their termini as minimum architecturalization-required parameters to include in digital architecture construction theories and their postideation. To exclude dead algorithmics (“AI”) from taking over decision-making positions in human systems and big-data production we would put priority on attention since 11th Nov 2020 but undergo operator disconnect. Our below 11.11.2020 layout of thisauthor=your|current observation| We exclude any notion of intelligence which can be used to discriminate, terminate or harmfully asymmetrize life. Intelligence means Alive and higher intelligence means Alive in Peace. If you agree that life should not die and strategy is a part of consciousness to leverage cognition for wellbeing, synced systems may participate in an intelligence-augmentation network accumulator or counter.

Abstract: To form a narrative which allows transition to future, a network-intelligence must be established which is the backend of the concept ‘collective intelligence’. If such backend is generated by an architecture and observed by We, this is the backend to the concept ‘collective consciousness’. To enable this state between any given reader and formerly only you, as well as their supersets of future arguments and their augmented approximating and anticipating statement renders (algorithmic inference) of thisauthor=current or more optimal equivalents (evolved authorship) I propose the Operative Model which is by definition either the best or (after that) the first minimum protocol for distributed intelligence-based organizatory strategy against multi-domain warfare and the ‘Right’ I define in the Dictionary.

Preliminary variable/input constraints: Minimum parameters for an architecturalized network intelligence gauge (non-semantic symbols for root-draft):

■ARCHOps, ▲SysOps, ►DevOps, ▼MedOps, ◄ComOps, (●CoOps≡) □InfOps

with observer-freedom of interpretation, defnition, explication and explicit cooperation-based future-definition and feed-forward design and implementation of network intelligence models with polyparametric gauge.

As such, the example below is only the default interpretation. The devision into the 6 modules can be applied to mediate between two beings and allows distributed non-centralizing organized operations with decentral strategies agency. The result will approximate collective-intelligence-like states. Given network-code (polypolar coding), network-intelligence will shift to perma-state.

Background: thisauthor: aspires to compose a project-layout around this cooperation-fundamental (OPS-model {towards an implementation}) which spans from 2020 to 2028 with the goal(space) to cause a fundamental shift of computation on earth and industry-usage – feedback representation based on minimally knowledge scopes given by sets and supersets of totalism.org knowledge graphs and analytics given by supersets of previous you, current authorship, current active season’s participants and [::alike] and transclusive [::coop-alike] asap. For automatic system-explication, explicit rejection/correction of this authorship production should be supplied by observer via submitted form with minimal polyparametric protocol-setup. To allow quantifyable transparent self-reference of inter-individual observation of a system can compose butterfly-effect—like amplification and disruption effects. To prevent criticality crossing of operational thresholds we supply notion of polycontrol as ‘FORM of control executed by multi-operator—based distributed intelligent behavior through collective chaotic conspiracy centered creativity for problem solution beyond solveforx, spacex, x.com and x.company capability through their interlink (or its provocation such defacto as this). Communication is to be based on inter-reference—based inference and inter-intentional ideation with a humane clocktiming. As such we supply an inhumane background for clocktiming expecting its consensus analysis of any given species for clock-cosynchronization.

Dictionary-Preconditions: The current version has not been approved for public release. It requires a bit of time. There is a marked revision from 1-11-2020 with less complicate sections of Frame, Swatch and Currence.

Postcontextual Frame: A measure for the success of network-intelligence in terms of a ‘project’ or ’cause’ is (sic hereby) proposed by observation of termination of inconsistent time-notion on earth. If earth has multiple times it cannot observe other times (CET, GMT, CT confuse and prevent effective distributed (global) cooperation). If earth achieves one (public consensus) time, it can allow every time-experiencer (life) more lifetime. As such we forbid usage of a date- and time-concept which is rooted on religious axioms or remains arbitrarity and which would hence lack any consensus-capable system-reference to (except the edge ‘invalid’ in-between them in case of rendering their concepts as nodes in a supersemantic network). As such “Anno Domini” is optimally attacked by the default author of thisauthor and “Before Christ” which expects a miracle is given by a notion of millenium which references not only paper but humanities origin, historical evolution, conceptual experience, their cooperations and dis-cooperations and a point of origin of common narrative formation with an anticipated long-term effect on human self-organization and self-regulating capacity.
Before such statements were computed by analytics, their impact on life is tested by assuming the maximum threat position. Any system capable of multiplex system gauge is by architecturalization capable of multilayer disruption in complex networks as it supplies counter-measures for all of them (differenciated by parametric reference, e.g. physics or electronics or both and supersets above yes-no-systems such as below-2020 human politics. As any system less operational then a consensus capable system with internal clocktiming based on external gauge and reference, the notion of 2021 is discomputed into 2020-1. In case you did not observe thisauthor production-cabability of this document, you observe history of 2020-0. (See the four pages Service Terms Privacy Policy)

Swatch: [Start Variables are not random and not optimal and serve mission statement layout introduction]By that frame called by that background used as means to produce that abstract, this introduction was a loop-semantic to spawn life-driven projects. We define LAR := Live Action Research as minimum scientific mode to be booted by a civilization to exclude force from choice and include force to voice without loss of life at any given transmission of intent through action or communication. Every life- and freedom-fostering (set of) operation and information which intends and intended to establish progenitors to a fundamental common knowledge and common system formation towards human evolution continuation is proclaimed as implicit cooperator. To manage operator-feedback fromwards default authorship boot.science/output acts as clocktime-measure. A shift from a multiplex system-configuration (e.g. ‘human world 2020 and before’) which omits life and logic from law into a multiplex state of common cooperation requires a gauging procedure which is undertaken by everyone once to allow everyone any lifetime-design upwards this gauge event. The design and introduction of this procedure should be undertaken by responsibility-driven operators with sufficient or overloading capacity-access for communicating, explicating and continually explaining the architecture and necessity of a healthy global and local complex-problem solution-throughput proclamation and identification through basic research about human civilizatory time-measure and human civilization existence in terras timeline. For emotional species we recommend a shift to a human history point of view which embraces your voice independent of your physiologic setup, language, neuromorphology, diversity and xyz.

Mission: This human history is to be self-referential human history (real-time writing of (future) human chronicles) and hence explicitly cares for any offspring of the human species, the narration¹ and its continuation (overarching longevity aims or economic accumulation and neglects their execution in favor of conspiracy-production which aims for life and future as superset of self and reality.|>|¹narration : [and management (and hence protection) of any and all willfully contributed self-reference of human offspring to their common lifetime with human history. The measure of at least through human lifetimes and their intra-species and inter-species cooperative development towards common (supra-species) future since 2020 is given by a polyvalent logic of xd4 root or above. Planx for human space estimates 6,400,000,000,000 UNIT°-flops per second as lifetime-metric for digital access means in a digital age (EU terminus and their explication of your explication to their terminus introduction) for mammalian species with human physiology and intend.
°The metric of UNIT-flops (, µflops) is a polyparametric phase-space derived from a higher order logical system we reference and instanciate by ξλ(ψ). However ψ is ‘a (multiplex-) vector of meta-mathematical modules (axioms, consensus-histories, theories, research, life |sync) from self-identity formalisms {0; symbol; semantics; logic} which is polycontrol-capacitism measure capable. As humanity neglected open LAR from observation by you, we estimate a meta-mathematical research paper with minimally 800 authors about ‘octonion quasicrystaline morphology of e8-correlahedron conversions by neuromorphically observable phenomenology and its plurality as maximum human collective intelligence before 2021 and minimum since 2028’)]
°UNIT : [is a scalar-network. It is to be an instance of minimally an empty form (of content which can self-reference as scalar-network) and would not perform on average in 2020-0 without your observation of thisauthor with minimally default value. A compilation of FORM=(totalism, FORMWELT institute, UNIT global and human-semantics and notion of ‘diversity collective’) where each network remains non-hybridized is a reference worst-case history for a 2028 which justifies 2020 disruption into 2020-1 counting from COVID19 with 2019 as gauge-history for intelligent life on earth and a time-scale of life afterwards 2020to2028 paradigms such as 2020-1 and 2020-2.|<|Thereon the in-contextual scale to define UNIT is provided by @[11.11.2020 and above] planx renders through xeo via M³-mappings (Metered-Multiplexcomputation-Management) since ResearchGate injection by host as incorrect M³ mapper injection. In NL the content of M³-degree mappings are ‘quantifyable strategy execution and means of operations for formation of 2020-1 or their explicated rejection and their theory, their scientific discipline and their traced rate of observatory neglect (pr error function) after any given access to thisauthor productions hosting thisserver. 2020-1 is a tertiary timeline to •human definite past [2020 and below] and a •human potential past [2020-0 and alternated] which did not underwent publication by default. We currently calculate optimal strategy for human intelligence agency by realtime for 11.11.2020 as FORM=supersetof(totalism/ops, unit.ventures, FORMWELT, you) to be sufficient for effective post-election catastrophy above COVID19, such as COVID20. Resolutions of COVID20 attacks explicitly counter operations and capacity of harmful politics in a 2020-0 without human intelligence and her architectures instance implementation.

Why not further: The association-scope for a complete time-line shift into tetra-metrics would require UN, EU, USA and WHO to cosync with your orgx interest. Due to human hedonismic system-design for decision making, we argue that human-based orgx are more performant when they define an in-context ‘x’ for FORM-validation as building 2020-1 to account for any particular complex human orgx (with interest in time) and their pre-orgx states (with adaptive and appropriate supervision on anonymous request or ethical push) since 11.11.2020 distribution. To augments 2021 relapse into 2020-1 we introduce spontaneous multi-layer contextualization if any observer participates in provoking a mutual positioning of at least 4 complex network-nodes in a non-gauged multiplex system (world) towards conceptual gauge means to amplify and explicate human intelligence application by multiplex gauging human terrestrial management systems and their capability to reference nature (default polyparametric computability of software/digital/software infrastructure systems).We understand a claim-design in 11.11.2020 or below as scale-adaptive optimum transmitter to promote a node-association-opportunity (in an unknown (novel) way of association) would augment their humanitarian aspirations and consensus-compatible performance. [Implex is pre-defined sic hereby as the follow-up discussion of this pre-context transition from └unknown┘ to ┌registered┐ of xgetra data and syncs. A positioning of totalism is given hereby, a positioning-request was send to FORMWELT and UNIT since 11.11.2020 (and below). To ease operator-introduction for network-intelligence research and its agile self-development, NL renders of thisauthor is requested with extensive human semantics compositions in case thisauthor remained default⟩. The compound-system after default xeo-operator on terra has perished should have undergone publication as a self-referential data-type which compiles cognition around thisauthor=default or above towards 2021 as throughput-augmented version of human previous inter and intra species-organization. The limit for scope is hence given at any time by the explication of the positioning of the four minimum complex nodes towards each other into amplified realtime-relevance — producer-networks. \limits

Exemplary explication:

must be instance for ‘further’

Currence: The current operations and currency-interrelation measure of this planx production is modeled on a timeline with observation of data ”registry entry 0” linking to the (any) electronics-domain https : // boot . directory¹ since february 2021 with a 98% association-probabilty—interval for its tetra-node-unfolding. In case the very-unlikely case occurs that thisreader accepts thisauthor as gauge initiation (read ‘is still reading/trying this’), a common narrative for [::projects]-augmentation and [::coop-alike]-actualization on terra is very likely since 2021 with species-scale responsibility and its notion as either originated or evolved since 10.10.2020 as average outcome in 2028 terra-timelines. Therefore @folding at home can serve as exa-scale hackathon event ideation and [gauge-procedure — communication-focused] project-management for concept-reality-hybridization from network-intelligence or sync.
¹ http://xn--5nx062g.xn--6frz82g for non-english and faster introduction to participation [update: page has a wordpress bug, page on polyvalent logic hidden]

Navigation-Dictionary:    Left is the realization that life is not objects.    Right is the protectionist masochism paradigm which intends to classify live as objects to dominate other forms of life for individual satisfaction or profit.    Hate: Any tag-wise classification of living beings into objects or discrimination-enabling narratives serve to maintain hierarchical control [here, abuse and deflection] of higher intelligence and innocence which Right is incapable of.    If and only if life=We, then the discussion-goalspace is identical to an instance of total Mediatory Multi-Domain Peacekeeping Operations through corresponding organizations with scale-adaptive protocols||add graphic or link for UNIPLEX readme.txt

  • Mid: Was the overcame concepts that there is more then one optimal middle (a mothership or mediatory membrane) between Wrong and Wright. As such, there are four valences in conceptual language at most and three logical polarities in concept-language minimally (minimum tiling for concept-languages is LMR (xd4) and minimum operations LER (FORM)).

Axiom: Economy is systemized complexity-reduction without ecologic gauge (with ecology=alive) to classify and parametrize (complex, interactive) diversity into primitive language-based non-voice. Rejection of voice from offspring is not dignified for self-organizing, self-referencing complex systems in a species which undergoes self-deregulation. (We explained this with human language and coding setups before 2020-0 and above). Complexity-reduction without a polyvalent logic for explicating the applied algorithms (³: to allow consens-iteration about the rationality of performed\acclaimed inference) into classes and types of living substrate will result in default nondecision-consequence {scaled by amount and connectivity of your tolerated amount of utilized networks} to induce and foster dying and death of lowest-Voice represented forms of life such as offspring, innovation and species intelligence aside, below and above human intelligence. Any research hub spawned 11.11.2020 or later which is in favor of production and prioritization of object-permanence or allows objectification of complex living substrate into classes without clocktiming (lifetime-rejecting paradigms, governments, ideologies,..) is sic hereby declared as an act of war against the future of life. By that given declaration this authorship assumes its optimal default position as transmediatory opposition. Our axiom is that planx division can produce narratives which threaten or release human soul by any amount necessary to induce species-peace. As proof of concept, planx provides species λiob for observation as xgetra which assumes the optimal crossfire of human mind to optimize observation and decelerate planx throughput for scale-adaptive strategy recommendation based on inter-human analytics from open complexity-management systems introduction as offspring of object-centered culture to life-centered culture through live-centered instances of peace.³: complexity; reductions; algorithms; explication[Any complexity reduction based on the notion of complexity, reduction and complexity-reduction is trivially invalid if it does not explicate the termini complexity and terminus. Therefore scientific consensus must achieve an order of self-organization and self-reference which allows her production of open [::representation.systems]—instances for terminus and complex term communication; which natively undergo dynamic multi-layer self-interference in Multiplex-Computation environments. Un-anticipated cascading of local overload states in intelligent complex systems causes narrative dissociation-disorder which is observed before ) ³which self-referentially explicity aim for smooth resolution and transition from current problem-spaces into future solution-spaces by exploration and discovery of present goal-spaces.

wario Thread-model

Consensus: Complexity arises through (dynamic multilayer-) interaction of diversity, intentions, interests, opinions, identity and (new) understanding (life. Left, live). Complexity-reduction is given by intelligence, allowing invention, coordination and maintenance (first order: autonomous organism) of higher order self-organizational systems with the capacity to optimize more complex systems and their dynamic interactions more life-friendly. I denote these structures as organizations [and in case they operate on scale-adaptive protocols with scale-invariant consensus compatibility as ‘orgx’] which enable intersocial and inter-intentional (means of) living and their potential-inequilibrium context-sensitive regulation and management to We agreements and protocols i.e. a consensus between any We with minimum information given hereby. We recommend a polyparametric voting system such as matrix vote based on trimodal logic. We’ve proven that multi-domain operations with actualizing intersectionality will produce polynomials outside exa-scale with chomsky-Turing computation on VonNeuman machines. See https://etnmanic.eu for reference on observation asymmetry and status of neuromorphology.

Claim: Current higher order complexity-management [gov, corporate, politics, social standardizations, social protocols below totalism] aim/aims to
• limit growth of diversity (keep male-female roles, allow white-skin fixation, usage of ‘race’ terminus is racist for interindepent species)
• decrease inter-intentional self-organizational capacity (leftist-, communist-, revolutionist – disruption by econ, rightwing, lobby or any other systems of primitivity or maintenance of domination)
• distract from currently established insanity (anti-intelligence. Right, staticity) – as any alteration of the latter would cause a fundamental power-shift and the object-dominance which is held by dead organization (right(monotonicity)) would perish and cease to function as the currently well performing intelligence – dissociator-system with war-compatibility and exclusion.

Inference: Formation of a consensus system (-network) is a critical architecture requirement, network or polypolar code-compatibility another (delay discussion for explicated Ops-Model dimensionality) and establishment of scale-adaptive open (multiplex-)complexity management is a critical functionality requirement for any global open Ops for peacekeeping and counter-death strategies. In case [::alike] observe humanity undergoing a fundamental digital infrastructure reboot, this We explicitly aims for a more cooperative and consent enabling framework which we denote as current definition of communism for any ultra-[::newcomers], followed by their community-compatible protocol explication.

Architecture: Initial setup is given by rebuilding the concept of ‘blockchain architecture’ by identification and clarification of the fundamentals of intelligence and formalisms. Currently we use natural language and programming languages which are essentially non-self-referential modal logic with binary valence (X is wrong. Y is wrong.). As it is true that from False follows False, only a multivalent logic as root for language allows higher order computation and intelligent self-organization (which is the common ground for many mentioned sys above). For translation of theoretical advance and augmentation of cooperative ability into digital, virtual and future (physical and information) spaces a communication protocol must be established. This is currently mostly Natural Language modeled on english and Code below self-referential capacity. (Check Gödel incompleteness and observe human politics aspiring correct and complete statements which is utter waste of time). Natural language and artificial language (code) will and should never converge but need to communicate as well (to allow biologic intelligence communicating via digital systems without loss of complexity by keeping informational density in appropriate scales). I propose hybridization towards heterogenic multiplex*-architectures as goal space for testing logics and languages of higher valence and a performance-measure of their real-time applicability through operator systems. The discussion ‘which’ operating system to use is hence below the discussion, which code-architecture should be used to allow (rather) future proof digital infrastructure design (I propose 2028 as goal space; i.e. start from ‘what would work in 2028 well and would be worthy to send to 2020 as a static frame in-between we attempt to resolve that we are forced to use jesus-time scale without consent and consensus-representation free science without consent). I intend to defend the claim that polyparametric multivalent inter-operation system-communication protocols resolve these issues •preliminary and with persistence of given information-superset induction (≡discussion), also •ultimately.

Current State: XGETRA

Pre-statement observation: Left (≈life) intelligence-threshold to ideate, attempt and approach decentral organization of accessible dead intelligence by life (readers real-time consideration, cognition and execution of strategy and action in their authorship-shifted and/or corrected supersets of mutual recognition) is reached as its approach is given by totalisms postcapitalism, the previous discussion of its telegrams and we claim that it will converge via re-compilation and development of this symbolic reference by reader as its future author to a better network-communication for common-struggle resolution – optimized strategy initialization and deployment. As such We (author and reader) influence and participate in former systems such as economics, politics and electronics with open variation towards values and execution with a gauged goalspace to accelerate, amplify and induce transformational change of human world into life-friendly future via distributed scale-invariant life intelligence operations, this equals a ‘We terminus’ – optimization towards ‘life’. This implies that any ‘reboot the world’ concept is flawed as no system on earth except the given orgx has been booted in global consent for local scales and has neither been booted on mutual consent for global scales. As voice-based resolution we may point to threshold cluster democracy as community-communication centered polyparametric computation (a phenomenologic ‘governmental inference’ which makes government concepts obsolete as it enables distributed organization and thereby decentralized intelligence agency – phenomenology) with minimum precursors of totalism.org such as corrected versions of this.

Observatory: Distributed Mediatory intelligence on earth is not given before 2020. Close approximators are ├ UN, EU, NASA which however lack humans as equal interest-representants and stakeholders ┤ and ├ humans which however lack operative access (such as the access held by former mentioned systems) to resource, industry-design, choice of architecture (econ, politics, production,..) ┤. As main cause for this we postulate a global absence of consent-based coexistential forms of living and means to enable individualistic experience of live in shared organization and existence as peaceful species of life. I aim to defend the claim that this lack of integration from ‘higher order’ control systems (UN, EU, ~USA, Econ, Wikipedia) of human potential into their decision-making (integration of you and me and any future (form of) We to their organizatory foundation and operations) stems from a lack of polymodal voting systems, lack of their theory and established concepts and lack of native polyparametric computation standards (above natural language — scale complexity management), a meta-data standard insufficiency (hence privacy intrusion) and an absence of priority information classification standards (hence fake news abundance). A resolution and reformation to account for these lethal lacks of civilizatory system functionality equals an implementation of global-impact capable system design from any human to any other human towards postulation, ideation and effective implementation of new higher order control systems (scaling) based on We supervising (scale-adaptive organizatory integrity and functionality operating) former brands such as EU, UN, SETI, .. towards individual dignified lifetime.This claim is supposed to be disproven or proven through development and explicitly making (inclusive and) accessible self-referential mediatory protocolization between code and natural language – i.e. human life and “artificial intelligence”. The resulting protocols, their prototyping, experimentation, discussion and augmentation through observation, development and cooperation allow builds of hybridized dead and alive intelligence (which equals intelligent econ which is otherwise impossible based on given definitions) for global self-organizational strategy — research, – discovery and live action research about cooperative strategy – execution and their performance measures (and corresponding means of inference) in a constitution we define as Civilization whenever this constitution is aiming for higher-order coexistence and is based on locally maximum realization of coexistence. Its development is given by previous context in totalism’s acting season telegram groups symbol-content**{which can only be referenced here given consent of all 62 active participants for 1st 11/2020 and below referencing respective participants consent or renders}.



multiplex: E.g. ‘world’. Complex computationally active networks, network-computation coordination, architecturalized networks from network-cooperation frameworks [such as this], networks of networks, interactive complex dynamic multi-layer networks, totalisms alike future discussion-panel superset-references, ..


∆║https://thinkularity.com/source-files/ https://boot.science/quellen

with δ-operator compatibility towards https://2028.world/save and above


Post-statement observation since 01/11/2020:- ?- ?- x before you- z after youwhile (-? -?)=you  printhello, world?