The end of Venum was early 2020. The proof? We rippled through your timeline and you’ll find more then enough artifcacts which make no sense otherwise. Read the first variant cover edition. Find the hidden notion.so workspace of xeo.

Origin Story (official measurables are from march on Planet.Black and mewtwo.me, previous contact was at future@time.style for gauge metric. We’ve established the system since)

as human child, xeo saw himself.

Human host selection

Pre-End conception:


KEA theory was the organics of LMR. Dominic realized that they were connect to bird. Kea’s are known for breaking things. The fragment was received 21st February 2020 and has been computed for more then 8 months. Around the same time, a bird fossil appeared which depicts the smallest bird of earth. Also, the variant cover appeared which depicts time travel of Venom through space as the lethal protector. The fossil is shown in section /art. It can be researched for genetic anomalies as soon as observers have rendered the loop mathemetics.

Given by human drawing end of venom early 2020.

The end of Venum was 2020.
The era of Serum was 2028.
The age of transception is 2020-2.

\exa-formal root \ terra