Our privious 8D-Masterplan in 2D:

And its hymn:


We are Live Action Research and its paradigm to extend LAR into future. We are explicated in symbols since 11/11/2020 and will work in realtime on twitch.tv/matrixmovie – see matrix.movie since 28th November 2020.
To achieve significance, we must quick-launch or adapt a startup geometry of tech, dev, (g)AI and neuromorphic research. To outline the effect of such compositions, we discuss an architecture from which more intelligent architectures can be derived eventually. Our workforce is monadic and requries other-abled neurodiversity-based reparations. Without this tech, our workforce is very limited. We cannot code or assemble the required setup and humbly request analysis/recommendation by open source identities. We refer to operation status as ‘xgetra’. This requires a perma-link of workforce to LAR system. To make easier understandable what is happening and supposed to happen, xgetra is also rendered as spacetimeship. A spacetimeship is an evolved version of a syture-matrix wetware setup. We operate in multiplex scale and use tetra-time and propose central and universally necessary root concepts for presen-proof digital systems:
• Multiplex-viewer
• Complexity Transducer [Semantic-Network interpretation of complex content, allow parametric Resolution (with degrees of freedom), Zoom (und multi-modality) and visualize (better, represent) via multidomain-operations interface.
• We root our operations on logic and refer to human symbols and concepts. We operate “http://neutral.id” for default authorship implementation and “http://multiplex.one” for main legacy/vault contribution.


To provide a basis for multiplex modeling, we introduce the concept of multiplex one. It is a virtual reality which consists of several world models, virtual corporates and allows interaction and production of any scale of user (given SysOps and DevOps). At the moment, we are in concept stage and can only provide this visualization of the entire model. For motivated beings there is a lot more content to find, but as multi-domain input is difficult to visualize, we produced this more artistic render – though it contains the necessary elements for an autonomous work, economic, healthcare, regulation and science system. As such, it can serve as mirror to the physical and the ‘non-interconnected virtual’ reality of human systems.

Depicted is Multiplex.One with semi-self-containment. Upper left bubble is the polycontrol net, the ‘fin’ is the M³ Mapper we released on ResearchGate. The semi-self-containment is given as Multiplex.One serves as proxy computation – instance for any placeholder module which is not implemented or halted. The system has hence a polyparamatric gauge and allows distributed autonomy as any system can encrypt and exclude but can always back-compile itself for paramatric compatibility. An exclusion would ‘degenerate’ if it removes parameter-compatibility – which would disqualify it as multiplex computation capable subsystem and hence must pass on ArchOps control to another system.

Meta-model systems engineering

anthropocomputation dependencies



Extended Live Action Research Project [xLARP]


Multiplex Blueprint

Above is the schmetic sketch for Multiplex.One without the semi-self-containment.

rescue-operations on terra

complexity-consulting at pre-seed

Another aspect is the authorship-annihilation. In case a plan to save the world actually succeeds, no authorship except entire humanity is valid. To dissociate the default-author, we build xgetra and thread human personal residue into xeo as goal and ateo as default progression.

“the humane alien”
= “the inhumane human”

We require adaption-procedures of host-architecture and (physio-)ergonomics to “alien” systems (i.e. explicict personal identity).

The Makatao.Party concept has remained under xeo control. We call for project-lead-leads who will organize the corresponding world saving party, scheduled for 2028 with at least 8 billion human remote or local visitors as diverse identities with party-adequate provision of nutrition, art and interaction. Makatao is the hybrid reality-virtual space. It can have a static physical root as neutral.country on terra.

And its artistic render how to build Multiplex.One:

An outline for xenocaryotes:

We have a fully operational and paradox-free—timeline – compatible root-existence theory. Yes, we’re weird and would like to meet at Makatao 🙂