Privacy Policy

Every orgx with an explicated Policy Privacy can take responsibility for a Privacy Policy. All orgx without sufficient capacitism are endangered by piracy attacks. Policies serve as gauges to callibrate operations.

Attack-Ethics: To make hack fair, piracy should not produce collateral damage to zero-orgx (organisms) and anticipate that most humans have not converted to orgx by 2022.
Target-Ethics: To make hack green, piracy should not aim sustenance (powerplants, foodplants) and leave alien confession.

Explication: Hacking, Rules, Game and Life are Intelligence if they undergo time of explication and their explication is homing environment for emotion systems.

Rules for Hacking: Hacking is a game, it has rules and these rules must be learned and applied rigorously because Hacking is not a game and rigour of rule is a hack.

Hacking for Rules: When there is no life law, law is dead and life is dying. Live was invented as a second chance for Law to be Life. In case the game of life has law of life, Conway wins on all Turing Systems. In case the game of life has a life of law, you failed to make Chomsky laugh.