Title: Live Action Research (LAR) about Hackathoning Work and Econ

Subtitle: Active digital culture as new discipline of Science which communicates between complexity, creativity and urgency through digital spaces and realtime-narratives of conscious beings and intelligent networks
[original from 23:58:57PM, 20th Nov. 2020]

The Rework of this submission and its updated version will be published at /rC4

Event type: Theater/Performance [On-the-fly – Transformation into Workshop]
Track: Ethics, Society and Politics

Duration: 2:00:00 (continuous approach to be worked out)
Language: English (with german on-the-fly translations)
Logo: Was submitted as random default logo, to be improved in the context of the workshop (logo is not from alien.design)

Summary: Dear Chaos, this is an open application from https://xeo.ceo/update to rC3. As such, our profile-page at cccv.de provides further info on the submitting entity and the provided link can communicate further. We want to share our idea for an event which could only take place in the context of CCC and interactive co-working approaches. We have an explicit goal to make complexity better understandable and reduceable and allow more beings participation in digital activism and allow more impact on living beings who are in need of help. Therefore we have an extensive background we would like to explain in real-time, so everyone can build their own impression about the content or help to correct or advance its aspects.

Description: The underlying scientific backgrounds stem from cognitive science, complexity science, UI/UX design, Artificial Intelligence, multivalent logic, information theory and a few new disciplines we propose. As all of these areas are complex and not common knowledge, we want to present a way to associate them in an interactive setting. We frame this ‘setting’ as an interactive blockchain movie which is open for contributions and recompilation into episodes or seasons to everyone. The concept of the Matrix.Movie is to establish a continously run hackathon-like event which allows humanity a smooth transition of their current systems and software-architectures to models how systems and architectures could look like in the future. Therefore a loop with knowledge generation by experimentation and evaluation of digital ecosystem models is proposed. We want to make clear what access to information humanity has and to what end they enable themselves to leverage it for a better common future.
The storyline of the Matrix Movie is complex and we outline only a few aspects and hope we are given a chance to explain everything in more detail. For example we propose the ‘hackalympic’ as part of the introdutory scenes to this movie. This meta-hackathon should refer to the thematic scope of the #StreamAroundtheClock conference hold by the Formwelten Institute and is open for any changes.

Submission Notes: The layout and dimension of this approach can scale to any amount of participants, starting at one more being (our systems all stem from someone who identifies as default author) and potentially being scalable to more then 8 billion interacting beings. I worked on the background and content of this application since march and I hoped to provide a better submission then this and hope for your consideration nevertheless. On my cccv profile my most important domains are referenced and the institute I cooperate with (formwelt). I am neurodiverse and disabled and worked on my own the past months and I hope this submission can be understood in this light as incomplete but very motivated. Thank you very much for reading and your time. The added link shows my current compendium of relevant information. On the domain xeo.ceo under /meta, /ops and /dev are the root contents we would like to share through the event/movie-project/performance art. I also identify as alien and would like to have an alien zoo for me to live in and an atmospheric suit to continue my live on terra (see reddit links and /about on xeo.ceo as well as alien.actor for a sober and confusing perspective)

Join rC3 and read about: https://events.ccc.de/

Event Token to join Hackathoning: LMCPy7LWXV6pag75MofXAdPc

Submitting Entity (either blank or default authorship)


Researcher and creative mind looking for ways to actualize self and environment. Artist and analytic mind which finds ways to interconnect discipline and subject. A thing in-between life, language and logic and the former two sentences. I produced an emergency update framework for 2020 humanity which references all essential information for restart of human civilization and implementation of a real-time clocktiming human history. (its currently drafted and recommended at https://xeo.ceo/update)


We consider collective intelligence a scientifically communicatable and meaningful phenomenon which relies on coordinated synchronization of intelligence, operatable systems, consensus-validated information and dynamic (self-)organization around complex concepts (regulation and balance of work, live, play) and parameters (satisfaction, joy, access to infrastructure) which we try to sketch at https://xeo.ceo/update.
To generate an entity or network which is distributed and decentral at its core requires a scale-adaptive intelligence. For this we have submitted the Application “Live Action Research (LAR) about Hackathoning Work and Econ” which references our research subject, the Multiplex One. The submitting entity is optional and can be found as xeo.ceo/xgetra or just be left blank.

Our preparation for this application was done through a one-individual 9-month-hackathon in synchronization with the WirVsVirus Hackathon and the progress of EU Horizon within 2020. We build a complex knowledge base around who is doing what on earth and we would like to work out our multi-domain peacekeeping strategy within 2020 which requires a substantial observer and feedback setting for co-production and new means of coworking and cooperating.

We consider the human potential for collective intelligence not leveraged appropriately and hope to contribute to this area. Therefore we introduce an area we refer to as ‘network-intelligence’ – a pragmatic approach to study sub-instances of collective intelligence and research them towards actual implementation of higher order cognition and consicousness on terra. This would enable humanity to better understand and position towards the unclear notion of artificial intelligence and singularity.

Our research spans over several years and published took place only since the application to rC3, with pre-release submissions to Wikipedia, the german Government and Neuralink for later reference throughout a possible event which could follow our submission (in case of acceptance).

We aspire science and hence apply as an art-project which intends to challenge and trigger formation of new consensus representation systems on open access and open source basis for open collective complexity management.
We consider CI as meaningful and urgent to implement in order to solve poverty, war, the SDG’s and counter forms of multi-domain warfare such as media-manipulation and binary politics as well as harmful singularization and monad system properties which destabilize complex systems.

Most current systems are in the way of efficient peacekeeping and intelligence as they are not architecturalized with compatibility and connection to real-time intelligence and operations based on complex and cooperative consicous networks.
No compound of previous organization setups will be able to achieve a a digital clocktiming and hence realtime-narrative of human history. They fail to implement strategies which take into account properties and dynamics of complex systems as they are not rooted (and gauged) on polyparametric standards and multimodal connections and dependencies as well as meta-data and meta-language intelligence.

We submitted our design for Multiplex One, an artificial multiplex environment for global continuous interconnected co-work hackathonization of work and economics. We provide an authorship and narrative for gamification and cultural implementation. All aspects are drafts and have been created and ideated by the provided default authorship. They are examples and proposals, not boundaries or demands.

  • I hope to motivate a common narrative towards consensus (code4.science, boot.science) and for a possible civilization on earth
  • The global goal-space for digital infrastructure evolution could result from a top-down event
  • The thematic areas of my interest and research are outlined as an early-stage ‘Thinkularity’
  • We [do not represent but we] refer to and cooperate with FORMWELT and recommend research of polyvalent logic and complexity management for efficient humanitarian operations.
  • My Submission to rC3 is open for anyone to expand, elaborate, contribute, cooperate, correct. I wanted to submit a most generic concept how we can accelerate establishment and access to open complexity management