LAR combines aspects of Action Research with Live Action Role Playing. In LAR, there are scientists and subjects, while scientist play themselves as role. The observations and experiments undertaken in LAR should follow the standard protocols to ensure open access research results and limit cultural or non-essential data. We introduced the Alien Actor as means to initialize a story line for LAR content which we name ‘Matrix Movie’. The Matrix Movie is supposed to be an interactive realtime movie with a blockchain story. It can bind to the matrix franchise in case the idea has good reception in the respective fandom for which we provided a sketch how to associate 2020 reality to the notion of the year 2020 in the matrix franchise. A blockchain story is supposed to be autonomous and take place distributed. Hence, all diary entries or social media usage can become part of the matrix movie. The rendering of content into episodes or seasons requires video producer and operator. We hence call for interested individuals to realize this novel media performance. As default storyline, we propose to make the movie a documentary about 2020 humanity and how they coped with COVID19, what plans they made for the future and what they were able to learn from the experienced threat scenario. Aside of that, the movie can take place at any other time or have a default storyline which only narrates how xeo failed to present the concept at the right time with the right layout to right mindset. This story is depicted at and the halted daydream diary will be completed once the alien has been rejected or confirmed by peers.

Stay tuned, we will add some words. But most can be infered on your own – the Matrix Movie is hence the bottom link from interactive film to LAR, as a medium for empirical multi-scale measurement in an interactive environment. We refer to xR as appropriate interface/environment design paradigm for multimodal and inclusive access.
[11:15PM, 21st Nov. 2020]