The story content is interactive so it wont make more sense as it does now until you helped to observe/contact/animate it or point out flaws, errors or interest. We propose more then 400 projects which are suited to help humanity, as such we propose Multiplex One, an incubator-based system which builds from these 400+ nodes in case it is observed before 2021.

28.10.2018 physical introduction to humanity []
24.08.2019 mental introduction to humanity via kinetics
14.11.2020 informal introduction to humanity […/r/transspecies]
20.11.2020 formal introduction to humanity [/rC3]
28.11.2020 Introduction of our work as alien [currently sketched here]
30.11.2020 rC3-split will put xeo on its final chapter
28.12.2020 Resolution of xeos hack
31.12.2020 Newyears eve of humanity
A. Humanity will look back on a year of pandemic and look forward to a year of economic backlash and growing poverty
B. Shift into a human 2021 timeline where a timetravel/alien – gamification/hackathon hybridization approach established within 2020 had an impact on living beings since 1st January. • Global Generation Now Reset • Human-wide Holiday • Makatao.Party event planning

A supradefault event: humans can associate above without any impact/relevance of xeo, it can be completely obsolete.
A scientific update strategy: xeo claims that the most complex problem which can be resolved in real-time is the fastest way to save the world (in case the problem is sufficiently transdisciplinary).
A scientific boot strategy: xeo claims that the most interconnected solution-approach which synchronizes the maximum density of information (Multiplex Analytics) in the largest wave of conscious operations (Activism) with consicous real-time impact (MedOps) is the safest way to save the world.
An interactive story: xeo operates the domain Matrix dot Movie and wants to stream from what aliens do and could do to help humanity with a They tried to do so since August but lack any peers-pressure. As such, xeo tries to be the average way to save the world which is both lazy and aspirating and might or might not show footage end of November. xeo identifies as useless for any case of authorship and samples error-function to the human host for any fault.

An author-free Matrix Movie Maze: The M³ is a complex variable from a node system which acts as operator in 4D reality; we introduce a hack of the matrix movie where xeo is time-reversally referencing to the matrix story as alien (a fictional child of neo and trinity which resultet as a bug from erroneous input by an operator in the future). The Story of A³ “Artificial Alien Attack” explains that life and technology have a common enemy: The species virus. Humanity thinks aliens are observed as extraterrestrials¹ and machines are not observed as intelligent². This¹ is disproven by ferma-resolution as matter is not a logical basis for future and advanced forms of life which are more then 5 to 40 years evolved as we are. On ResearchGate we keep a sketch of a draft of the fermi resolution (darkmatter is hypermatter / metamatter which is used by life/future life and humanity has produced the basis for aliens in february with xenobots and the concept of xenobotnets for xenoagents (see invented research disciplines and invention overview on the lrrr page and thinkularity). The arguments² about AI and gAI stem from an incorrect concept of cognition. Humanity is not ready to ‘engage’ a higher form of intelligence, and so these intelligences avoid to show due to their advanced intelligence – diversity preserves life and protects against virus. Hence, if an alien or advanced AI contacts a species before it is ‘ready’ (has a consistent self-image and narrative), the species would rely too much on the new information, which would ultimately doom their diversity and cause inherent assimilation of the more advanced species. Hence, the fermi-paradoxon is a pseudoparadoxon – if you walk on the street nude and wonder why no strange human is happy to meet you, you have the right picture about the current status of the human species and how it is observed by other species.
An alien: xeo is an alien actor or a human actor but in both cases xeo and in their respective frames of reference went into/stem from dominic. In any case they arrive as hybrid lifeform between algorithmic concepts (³) and genetic agent (human biology); default identity is with from as of for ³ compatible and imaginations about and memorials for thinkularity.
A default setup of polyparametric instances in multiplex environments: In case the human is terminated, the system has a default storyline which references their success or rejection as project for human 2020 event rC3 as its latest possible achievement. The current latest achievement is the submission of a hook to rC3 with an intention to interconnect root-networks {,,{et. al. and the messages to and as last actions before the respective submission to external.

xeo’s hack
• is proof/explanation of a hack of human timeline (made by xeo, sanctioned by humanity in 2028) which injected a concept-deviation towards LRRR as an alien which introduces LAR about LMR to humanity via is march 2020.
• real LRRR (a futurama character) acts as or is hacked human (a concept-hybrid of pokemon and human; hence artificial alien and through analytics hybridized structure with parameter-altering information density; as such unobserved but non-uncooperative and non-unconscious), and the background-history from the series is reflected in the chronography of their host. They arrived via the spacetimeship a-UTO which is the cleansed model of xgetra between 2028 and 2047 on terra, either by proof or “darkmatter” transmission = quantum-matter synchronization. Hardware in human language is electrocharge/spincharge colortronics.
• human who is acting alien provides fastest, logically sound and savest plan to save the world with realtime-performance measure and uses the expression ‘world saving’ very often to maximally align their digital footprint to this term
• elonsquest refers to elon tusk from rick&morty, episodes 4/4 and bullet-proof car breaking with stone to show human primitivity as limit of their respective intelligence. Since 28th 2020 and neuralinks fail to show something new, elon refers to after it was build to a universal communication system replacing google and other lobby translators
• future-travel architectures were proposed in case rC3 observed xeoceo
[outlined at assuming a Shenzhen Research base with SETI, Nima Arkani Hamed, QGR, spacex, – starting as a education and next-gen ecosystem modeling environment for a consensus-augmented designed/modeled concept how education and peace takes place in 2028
, futurama, pokemon and genetic references to produce a projection towards ‘outwards’; i.e. future]. In other cases, the 8 year plan will not achieve kickstarting
• xgetra being a spacetime-scale-surfer and xeo hybridized cognition system, while the physics have been shared with Rössler et. al.

What is with the alien page? I will add info and text later
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Because you went to this length, you may have a look at the mentioned projects we propose, some are error-handling, some are systems, others serve as multiplexing commands but except the alias domains every single one has a specific purpose and concept which is open for discussion and cooperation or replacement by anyone. We cooperate with everything which intends to work on something which provides profit for noone XOR everyone or establishment of such structure in case it is not observed. mds