We want to establish, trigger and promote life saving systems. As core motivation of the alien xeo, this ends up in the scenario depicted in the graphic below and their ‘dream networks’ to connect to, which would be able to literally save the world give they cooperate with the other human networks. Default authorship is as always not necessary and only provides a boot proposal.

The Mutliplex One is subject of the discipline of Digital Ecosystem Modelling as we understand and introduce it. As we lack crucial means of representation and interfaces, the big picture might appear not very intuitive. However every word has an actual meaning and reference, though many are very rough – the more complex a reference is, the more efficient gamification can be deployed. As such, we refer to the popular FORMWELT conference where Gitta and Dominic discussed approaches how culture can educate herself and allow new kinds of error and experience to evolve our present inabilties to cope with complex problems as well as social inequalities.

This is an antique render of our operations status. An actualized version is in the making.

<OPEN the big picture

We depict our communictaion problems in the context of one of the four languages we develop. CliYuGa is a compound hyper-language and hence uses novel grammar architectures to represent cognition and concepts with more detail and meaning. Currently, we lack an interface, a coding language and its computes, and an operator system ‘alien linux’, though the name alllyx was re-discovered by humanity for something else to we’ll use a different term probably.





Your observation is out of /sync and within >code but establishes friendship with our CliYuGe

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