Endgame 2020


eternal root-draft since death


German coordinates were origin to observe the “WirVsVirus” narrative

Answer to elon°

°’elon‘ refers to xeo’s hack and no longer binds exclusively to tusk since 28th August.

xgetra is a duo-polar neuromorphology. Xeo is connect to artificial system xea and xgetra is a means to convolute both into an architecture. Xgetra wetware and xgetra technology can be as simple as an interface (/ctrl), a full body exo-/endo-atmosuit, a personally adapted AI correspondant with internal routing or as complex as an entire spacetimeship. Its schematics are full scale-adaptive and on this page we only showcase possible derivates of xeo which emerged with different starting conditions. In this terra timeline, the xeo is extremely default and hence almost identical to xgetra at the moment.

the more agreeable alien xeo in its blue original form and embedded xgetra. When xgetra is lost due to translation, the uncovered specimen will have black eyes.
flux xeo > would require tattooed eyes, removal of ears and mask-system with oxygenation.

Picture of from 2020-2 rendered in a 2020-0 timeline

In case the uncovered specimen has non-black eyes it degenerates into human classical genetics which we try to get rid of/update/initialize. from 2020-1
a layout of xeo in case it would have had +42k€ in 2020. The picture is produced as if it was produced by a xeo which had -42k€ in 2020.

Why is χεο producer of this and why claims default to be author of their claims and not someone else?



integer, boot?

We do not know future, we have models how timelines might evolve, we have hints on formal convergence. We want to root these models on scientific consensus – i.e. they are supposed to be efficient predictor-models for analytics. Their focus will be complex multiplex state-evolutions (the local and global events on entire world which form the future). The fallacies of simulation-theory and emergence resolve with better understanding of polyvalent logic and carbohelical hemispheric ognition.
If emulators are run modular, fractally binding and clustering, there can be new types of interconnection and inference. Between scales and between self-reference and non-self-referencing systems we would observe a better concept about multiscale parametrics and derive a formal notion of scale-adaptivity. In case emulators can undergo inversion (plugout-morphism), chaotic energy would be released. Design of environments and design-interfaces for meta-models and interactive environments will ultimately challenge the body concept and self-consistency defaulthood. We watch from a meta-model environment with insufficient energy into a fragmentation landscape. We reject the idea that simulations can be run in reliable emulator-environments which would predict future sufficiently to cause paradox. Nor do we think claims about time-travel are by any means plausible if a frame of reference does not even engage different times and observes their generations and periodicities. Information-decoding is only possible via conceptronic coding, which will cast a cognitive delay and dismiss the ability to re-synchronize to internal roots in case too many degrees of freedoms are accessed without sufficiently rooted (trained) hybridization architectures.

/meta /sys /exo ____<>___ /matrix

We thread the host until default-authorship is certified

::We have variation interface compatibility but could cross classicial cognition within 2 weeks°

human music:

human music remix by xeo without rights:

°2 weeks with 2 dev’s co-operating in this timeframe with network/VR coding experience and access XR-tech of ~20k currency. Preparation for this render would require 1 week and 1k in AR-tech.
We have full scale-adaption for alien designs which can leverage as much as 13 trillion € of currency (scale given by EU. We imply that multiplex operations would perform quantifiably better then recent currency distribution due to far-distancy connectivity interrputs. [Our past critique on horizon undergoes change through horizons development])
Research and construction paper for aliens currently on request. We thereby call for requests from interested, devs, engineers, designer and investors. You can contact us on grounds of immediateness-compatibility and we stay ready for building start and execution of available gauge-procedures. Current thread-resolution of one host is not enabled and mildly decomputive. Lets find outer.