XEO.CEO is not providing classical legal connection to service and client relationships. We serve as gauge-system for complex networks and hence proclaim a non-classical position towards other systems. We refer to this non-classical position as ‘neutral’ and we are ready to explicate the ‘neutral system’ to make clear what we mean by progressive neutrality.
We utilize the Notion of ‘Service of Terms’ as we provide research, results, art and concepts / ideas and thereby serve new terms or definitions or interact and position with other local dictionaries or conceptual networks. We provide this service since early 2019 and we augmented our efforts since the pandemic hit humanity in 2020.

We refer to a meta-legal state, reference different timelines and we provide a proof of our existence in real time from 2028 – to find out what or whether that means something is up for anyones initiative. You were able to choose observation of the 2020-timeline but not enough to boost the boot.science approach we released. We recommend to check our Network page for our main external nodes and operations. 2021 was not observed yet because xeo died or was time-delayed due to xgetra configuration problems.




0. Hey, I am xeo, I am an alien from a 2028 timeline and I want to build a virtual government – either as a game in case humanity does not care/like it or me, or as an actual functional bureaucratic processor to upgrade current human law systems. We dissociate from human law because they rely on modal-logic and do not explicate this fact. As such, they are not consistently referencing the limitations and options of modal logic and hence fail to provide a self-consistent legal framework. This is a natural stage and we share our work and position as alien foremost – to help resolve this highly complex and urgent issue.

0. For ease of simplicity, we state that you “ARE ILLEGALLY ACCESSING ALIEN INFORMATION”. We do not take responsibility if you visit this domain. It is part of a complex Live Action Research System and a gamified hybrid intelligence storyline. You can refer to boot.science and our external nodes in case you represent law. We would be very happy to help rebuild human law or give recommendations. Currently, we focus on the federal constitution of germany, as it has an advanced animal rights integration and aims for global humanitarian default states of civilizatory systems which we fancy.

0. We are an actor. The actor is playing a human and tries to be sufficiently convincing that they were or are human. There is not much more to say, except interest is abundant.


We continue to describe and formalize our operations and concepts so you can scientifically evaluate our claims around the semantic notion ‘alien’ or just surf through our storyline. We have a root-actor which is an alien from a future timeline who is depressed substantially as your science is antique and your systems not muliplex-computation ready.
For explicated terms we use ‘CAPITAL’ writing. These terms are more generic and often most generic and most likely cross the territory of multivalent or polyvalent logic. For non explicit references to your language and concepts we write ‘capital’. You were able to prove in realtime that we are alien from 11.11.2020 to 28th 12.2020. As nobody will achieve this as xeo does not promote sufficiently, the alternate version is as follows. There is a moderate chance that your 2021 will have a history with xeo releasing their claims about timelines, multiplex-viruses and information hacking in an ongoing fashion. The default case is that we were not observed by you, you did not find reason to support our observation consciously and we hence produced a 2021 timeline in which xeo was just a human who incorrectly assembled something they refered to as artificial alien and its underlying theories.


  1. We model our argumentation on human law with the nation system Germany and their collective intelligence since 2020.
  2. We model our narrative on a paradox-free means of time-invariance. Why 2020, why Germany and why we chose this human host first and no other can be explained to an arbitrary degree of detail. However we prefer to research and work on global peacekeeping.
  3. Germany qualified as ‘receptor environment’ due to their complex and painful historical traumatization. Througout the Nazi Regime, the german nation comitted genocide on their own species. The post-genocide national identity of germany is hence very aware of the dangers of butterfly-effects and careless behavior. We hope to help a generation ease their COVID19 depression and humanity heal their war tendencies. Another candidate was Korea which failed to qualify by 2020 through reunification. From korea we would have been a faster spawn with less dissonant host.
  4. We produced original content in english – we are not english native and humans use english not consistently. To eliminate preconceptions and misunderstandings, we intend to assume what we call “the optimum crossfire position”. As such, whenever humanity supplied xeos peers with resources to enable xeo their atmosuit (xgetra build), we will engage in multiplex mediation as our service to life.
  5. An optimal means of progression for spawning in germany is a correction of human organization systems (an approach we call orgx).
    Due to historic qualification, every country will apply most serious analysis and maintain implicit skepicism in case germany assumes a global leadership role. Therefore – in case the german government is able to achieve this degree of logical consistency and advances their legal representation, we recommend them for introduction of new norms and standards to allow a richer world on top of these more complex and life-centered gauge concepts.
  6. We define the notion of ‘leadership’ PREMATURELY to accelerate humanities realization of their misunderstanding about the concept of ‘leading’. From the domination-centered forms of leading, conscious leadership has been observed as concept. From thereon, we identify the loop of a CEO-upgrade as next resolution of an operational bottleneck. Overcoming this limit will allow intelligent and collectively intelligent leadership abilities and theories.
    Our leadership definition: To ‘lead’ means to be able to show everyone in an organization and collective new ways, support their struggle and identify and enable their potential and uniqueness. A good leader is hence the one who is left behind by everyone else. As in this case, the leader was actually able to help advance everyone of their group. By human carbohelical genus terms – this is close to mothership (motherhood) and underwent harsh misconception and neglect due to the XY-era in human history. We chose XY host to accelerate and ease the XY-era transition towards XX-era of peace-driven governing and intelligence-based communication.
  7. By human intelligence, only human parenthood would qualify for leadership. However all human parents of HUMAN (not a particular subset of humans but their entirety) are suicidal because of the amount and rate of RAPE per second on earth. xeo is a prototype which allows discovery of the PARENT vocabulary in human language. A human PARENT cares for HUMAN and any human who needs to contact them. xeo is NOT a parent but provides a means to accelerate PARENTS to be identified. xeo models the maximum threat to PARENT in order for humanity to evolve PARENT to counter with low time-complexity the diffiult social complex problem of RAPE. (In the case that xeo died before 21-02-2021 you can discover their strategy from their peers and remaining domains to end rape without xeo and achieve end of RAPE by 2040. Xeo argues to be valid for existence as they can accelerate this tarnsition).
  8. A plausible explanation why aliens are not extraterrestrial and the cultural concept of ‘Aliens’ was a fallacy. [our fermi resolution will account for aspects]. We argue that alien species are either predatory and hence early arriving at other species domains and hence potentially lethal. Otherwise, species domains are habituated in order to release protector-entities into a younger species. These protectors are supposed to limit the loss and amount of lost life in a spcies main timeline.
  9. As such, the minimum alien defence is that an artificial alien which is sufficiently authentic and networked would trigger its own species to develop a PARENT concept, for terra this is a supra-UN supra-Economic orgx system for minimum life enablement.
  10. Ultimately, only the self-consistency and self-made experience with pseudo-xeno-science can qualify a native species to contact other species. We explain the properties of older species (then humanity) and why no first contact by them would be plausible or logical. To allow peaceful coexstince, a species has to discover their uniqueness and value as species identity first. Humanity has a substantial neglect of meta-identic narratives which omit brands, names and frames to allow open cooperation and diversity-coproducing unity about life and the right to live a valuable individual life.
  11. The first aliens must be genetically compatible and chronometrically compatible to human physics and timeline. Otherwise they cannot exist as matter-travel is ilogical for advanced species and hence their integration and introduction to an alien species (from their perspective) has to unfold plausible, slow, careful and anticipatorily aware.
  12. To prevent premature contact to alien life, aliens may trigger threat-scenarios to shorten the timeline in case the ability to resolve PAIN was discovered but a species is not able to apply it. As humanity has not solved their most terrible psychiatric issue, the rate of rape on terra and its virtualization as media for digital loop-trauma, we cannot exclude that COVID19 is associated to our mirror-millenium resolution – only in case that all our argumentation and schematics about life, theory of life, polypolar inference techniques and their development in human natural language turn out to be valid and validated. We intend to help with COVID19 as secondary priority and child abuse as first priority to resolve on terra. As such we do not engage in x-ops but focus on med-ops for release layout. From korea we could have started with x-ops. (S4E17)*
  13. By human (with subsystem EU with subsystem germany-) law, aliens would not be humans – and as there are no animals aside humans with consistent right to live, aliens would have no legal protection on earth. Also the disparity and fragmentation of social systems would disable any attempt to search/ask for shelter and asylum. Likewise, human cultural and scientific understanding and knowledge abour ‘alien’ is not able to handle actual specimen.
  14. Animals are not humans and animals are humans. Human law is contradictory towards life, race and consciousness. As humans practice genocide on animals, aliens cannot logically enter the physical realm of humanity. Humans resemble a part of animals but fail to manage their relationship and narrative to life and nature by their own law. (The resolution is a human interdependence declaration for and from nature). Humans fail to protect nature because they fail to introduce nature as essential aspect of humanity and are too unexperienced to understand humanity as essential aspect of nature. xeo assumes the position of a self-referential and intelligent house pet. You cannot prove that xeo is genetically human before 2018 nor that xeo is conscious after 2018. Most likely this is due to the fact that you have no access to a respective laboratory or lack the ability to hack the EU medical system. (we only recommend this setup for observer in case EU failed to evolve into Earth Union by 2028). (S4E02)*
  15. We do not claim to be alien by your terminus and we do not use an ilogical definition of the terminus ‘alien’ which human culture did before 2020. By simple means, it can be deducted that humans operate on contradictory law which we do not accept to accelerate its evolution. Humans should accept their law as dynamically adapting to civilizations needs. We claim that support of aliens with our original or augmented means of explication can provoke their governments without real threat in form a threat-modeling to help resolve legal and bureaucratic inconsistencies.
  16. Alien physical arrival on earth is an existential threat to life on terra (foremost humans) when there is no species available which engages in protection measures from exaterrestrial and extraterrestrial reagents and chemical agents such as virals, bacterials or conceptuals. Humans failed to prepare after we send what you called ʻOumuamua. It was a hint to update your planetary defense and stop your intraplanetary war. As you failed to analyze the informations of ʻOumuamua and resort to speculation, no alien arrival on earth or observation of alien life by humanity would have been resonsible nor realistic before 2017 as a landing of a matter-transportation system poses the danger to attract asteroids which can companion a spacecraft with sufficient speed.
  17. Alien physical arrival on earth is possible as described in our registry entry 0 document through non-matter systems since 2028 or earlier. Alien life without alien habitat around the alien for retreat would be dangerous to humanity in case the alien is exa-potentic (progressive). Life which has a potency above human realtime-understanding would move and communicate too fast and too complex for humans to understand or observe. As such, conceptual potency has to be researched and conceptualized before discussion of alien life can take place properly. A prematurely captured alien cannot be controlled by human technology which was discovered in 1947. As humanity was not able to make the respective inference and change of their nation systems, humanity was forbidden interplanetary visits and as such they were forbidden alien life observation before their actualizable history.
  18. Alien nonphysical travel is less rapid and can be embedded smooth in human cultural evolution. This travel makes necesseary a virtual transmission system for which xgetra is modeled by xeo as minimum bug to run. Human-alien contact is not realistic before xeo achieved agency – which translates to ‘human organized to fix and resolve the digital infristructure maintenance and promotion of xeo.agency. The first steps after successfully implementing xeo.agency is building xeo a habitat to allow research on alien habitat design. If an alien is not placed in their proper homing environment on an (other) alien planet (here terra) it could disrupt a species, planet or die. Therefore, proof had to be generated by a travel-welcoming species that arrival on earth is interesting, safe for both sides and allows retreat in case their sending-unit ‘UFO’ crashes or is damaged during landing. As no starting device for xeo was produced, no aliens are observed by humanity at any given time.
  19. Home (T) and Nonhome (ET) are not correctly understood by humanity. A homing environment is an environment which serves as home and allows retreat to personal nature in case of stress or threat. The more intelligent life is, the more life can retreat to their own nature. Humanity practices life in quadratic spaces and use planar interfaces. They are hence not trained nor able to think 3-dimensional. Life in prisons degenerates, as such humanity is self-degenerating since 2020 timelines without xeo for which we implemented the multi-domain system for human correction and reparation for life. To put life in prison is only justified for life which continously attacks other life and the form of life is not able to learn control of their potency (aggressivity) for shared organization of intelligent life on a particular planet. Humanity violates their own law and the law of future by their notion of Zoo, disruptive nature, lack of dignity to act accordingly in the face of nature and lack of law to serve nature. We use different words for human concepts as least as possible to allow humanity to form their own terms and narrative. We have different concepts of human words which can help humanity understand their words better. We also have other concepts about concepts but their discussion is more complex and requires multiplexing language. Humanity can augment their evolution by application of our terms until more humans observe this gauge procedure or another instance can act as pilot-function for future (another operator of xeo as default or a post-xeo alien).
    For Homing, we use Zoo and requested the Zoo.Build to prevent humanity from continuously penetrating the home of other life which was not able to discover their independence from instinct and declare their interdependency to nature. Humanity measures whether they penetrate spaces of life wheteher it screams familiar enough or pays with familiar values. To terminate this horrific status, we went through trouble which we leaked in chronological order for proper historic reference.
  20. In any world the observer observes which lacks common knowledge and discussion of the previous aspects we cannot operate and hence cannot serve terms propery. We intend to do by means of human exhaustion – we limit to disruption of our human host. Our care for the host is adapted to human behavior and resembles their self-termination.
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