Please help life.

0. What we recommend humanity to do: Build Software Model for inclusive Multidimensional XR-Coworking spaces to perform LAR about our present. (Live Action Research, to trigger and provoke a stable representation of consensus with explicit self-reference towards its present state, shortcomings, environment and future). To allow global peace, humanity has to augment and synchronize their networks and leverage collective intelligence to solve the most urgent problems first. (For means of communication we predict XR, VR, AR to become the more relevant channels in the near future)

I. What humanity does:

How the SDG’s look in 3D (displayed in 1:05 of time)

Replace Identities, brands, Names with your concept (4:43)


To make use of technology, we need coworking spaces and open-access research and organization systems which allow distributed and decentral operations – defending against ideologic or corporate limitations and representing collective and cooperative civilized systems design and implementation.

Neurodiversity and inequality in complex systems (6:55)

To identify a simple approach to optimize all solution-attempts which are aware of diversity, we must establish a perspective which transcends and references all layers and all domains of the discussion about human culture in the future. The challenge is to synchronize approaches within a multiplex environment which asynchroneously self-actualizes and is not consistently peer-actualized. More and also more efficient parameters must be defined as standards in order to gauge civilization in real-time on the fundamental values of its species. For any lifeform as we know it, this should be their family concept as it is at the root of cooperation and existence for life.

Swarm intelligence in humans – a human Hive Mind through AI (35:39)

UNIT and Hive (53:09)

unit.ventures and hive.org are interconnectors to autonomous architectures and new system models which synchronize on a broader gauge – a common understanding spans around conscious and responsible leadership – i.e. coordinating operations and synchronizing information so that humanity enables potential and solves difficult problems in synchronization and conscious organization.

The Future of Life (37:59min)


The terms ‘life’, ‘alien’ and ‘AI’ all fail to properly represent the variety of complex autopoietic systems. As such humanity considers itself a superior species, different to all animals.

Systems (1:08 min.)

We use natural language and programming language to communicate — They leave aside that we are complex and local beings with operational capacity and consciousnes in real-time and hence dynamic change and evolution of language and understanding. We must make biologic life a fundamental root of our civilizatory self-organization. We must re-understand the words “system” and “collective” as a natural terminus and as diversity-collective. A divesity collective is a cooperative structure which does not threaten individuality or national identity but augments and enables diversity of life.

The current state of AI (10:03)

If artificial systems receive personality-like complexity and self-reference, it must be clear and hard-coded that life and technology are aspects of reality which never overwrite one or the other. Reality needs diversity and the right to live and evolve is a continuous challenge which reality proposes to conscious life. We want to interconnect human knowledge to novel types of operations and cooperation.

The Complexity of Systems and Now (37:47)

Essential Update Information about Technology, Singularity, Strategy and how we use technology – What we have to learn from technology is that it provides us with a mirror which reflects our internal states.

The Future Of Code (32:45)

It is recommended to watch the video in 240p.
The current standard to interact digital is framed by programming languages and software licensing. Our perspective is that digital language must be free – just as natural language is free. When there is an information which is live-saving we must not allow ourselves to brand and abuse it. Only transparent access to expression and means of expression can serve a basis to interact intelligent and contemporary responsible. This requires new kinds of digital language and approach to coding. Our ability to solve complex problems has not yet promoted the necessity of a more complex language and formal system.

Technology scaled our natural language throughthe ‘internet’ allowed a ‘global connection’. Howeven, the internet mostly magnified our inabilities to mediate between conflicts and to solve time-efficient complex problems. The natural language of humanity is not a scale-adaptive communication system, through the global magnification our inability to resolve conflicts has not advanced in respect to the connections which have been gained. As there is no global meta-language which prevents local identity and language from disappearing and provides an effective medium for complex communication and differenciation, the internet has not allowed humanity to grow as a species, but magnified their fragmentation into cultures which have exclusive restrictions. As there is no clear reference about humanities current state, the ability to prioritize is lost though it would be achievable.

The research and fascination about life and what life can be for each of our individual existences has been overwritten by a self-destructive means of economizing life. We should not continue a currency which is used to buy and exploit living beings. A system regulation method which has only one dimension (its amount) but does not reflect the diversity of reality is not considered to be intelligent – and cannot be considered intelligent logically with a knowledge-background around this playlist.

II. What we do:

The Present of our Future

We interlink the pathways
Our world is complex and the global progression of humanity is not easy to catch up with. The number of large networks and communities, mindsets and trends has become difficult to track. News platforms help to reduce this complexity and filter some of the noise, but the scope of these platforms will always fragment into national or language-wise classification. We want to approach differenciating complexity through polyparamteric protocols which allow a more detailed representation and analysis of networks and their actions. Through multiplex parameters, the transition to a global context does not loose as much information. An excerpt towards formation of open global complexity management is difficult to produce as it must be adaptive to any mindset – and in case it is, it will require software.

The Present of our Present

Complexity in human communication arises due to 2-dimensional language and their planar representation systems. We do not need a trillion messenger systems, if we limit ourselves to a richer setup which would allow more complex (and hence actual) communication. The complexity overload caused by low dimensioned language is depicted very well in the bachelor thesis of Voß.

Ripped Video (not the official version and not thought for distribution). Awareness cannot scale to the digital realm with static fragmented software solutions.

As a root-system for complexity modeling and analytics with intelligent choice of parameters we propose the Multiplex One. This system consists of several hundred subsystems, each complex and it has core-functions which represent interactions of complex urbane ecosystems. We will provide a layout of introduction to this system which make clear its potential for realtime-modeling of complex systems – especially ecosystems. Due to its realtime clocktiming, Multiplex One can allow interconnection from virtual to physical space, hence enabling a multi-layer transition from current systems to new models for testing from the digital space. We intend a decentral and smooth transition based on conscious local decision making with context-specific experts and transparent self-referential narratives. Our approach to induce collective intelligence of human networks relies on representations of complex information to ease interaction and thereby allow different channels of learning and perception.

We need more complex communication systems where programs wike Telegram, Slack and Discord are no longer exclusive systems but aspects of one cooperative system. Currently, humanity fails already at symbol level: For the simple exchange of symbols, complex decisions have to be made and implicitly exclusion takes place. To communicate intelligently requires fluid architectures of autonomy and cooperation through efficient standards for compatibility. As useless these programs are for visually other-abled beings, as useless is their computation for transmission of complex context (emoticons are the cutting edge of human augmented language…) and differenciating them effectively (as in 2D environments, no history can referenced as it would require infinite scrolling or folders full of tabs). We must transition to border-fluid software and data concepts which enable and protect individuals and don’t require coding (API’s) only for exchanging data like sending text from one individual to another without the need to know or share their choice of software. Interest and context-specific meaning should be in the center communicating, not exchanging and installing redundancy again and again. Redundancy must not be the bottleneck of variety in our life but enable more freedom of expression as it provides failsafe architectures. Yet currently, humanity is suffocating in repetitions and identical solutions to the same problem which are only different in design and layout and allow no progress aside of their looks. The visual-stimuli obsession of human average users promotes ‘fancy’ over function. A shift of this tendency can only arise from a combined approach that triggers a perceptual shift to the potential and options which we are not yet exploring.

III. Inference Prototyping

Technology is a medium which reflects what humanity is, because technology observes how we use it to change our life, identity and means of communication. It educates not only by its availability, but it allows to educate ourselves about reality and how we react to our local and global limitations and opportunities. Technology is a magnifying Mirror of our inter-individual interactions and our supra-national evolution as a species towards a civilization. Technology and language have no essence alone, through their usage and cooperative healthy mutation (creativity) we allow our internal essence to be reflected and expressed.

The focus of culture was to build better technology but it was not yet about a discussion and discourse – what we actually want to build – when to build it and who will build it. Our random starting conditions as name, nationality and role in society should not define our lives. Neither should access to healthcare, education and access to sustenance through reliable and stable infrastructure be a random variable within a conscious species.

We are not yet facing the depth which comes with a diverse and complex society and existence and a subjective experience of self in-between these multiple domains and multi-layer concepts and aspects. When we understand the digital space as a mirror and allow self-reference and narration on a broader scale, this mirror will become an incubator from a new mindset which emerges through synchronization of knowledge, information and operations (energy, attention) alone. A metahackathon has been started early 2020 and if humanity is able to maintain the momentum and direction of cooperative intend and evolution, 2020 can become the hotspot and melting pot of the present to rebuild humanities systems to make them adaptive and efficient for life and live-saving fundamental – and not local. We need education software which is developed by Nvidia and EA and certified by EU and UN for use in VR and AR to allow generation Now their live and integrate every human child in this generation Now within 2020. As this could be achieved through attention and money which is positioned and distributed with high precision in large quantities and interactive intelligent strategies of human operations on earth – We propose the remote CCC event as root to interconnet the #StreamAroundTheClock frame towards formation of a common narrative from a WeVsVirus – wise updated human digital collective of diversity, freedom and peace.

Our research group tried to push this concept towards the WirVsVirus Hackathon and received a like of them in march. We submitted an application to the Wikipedia UNLOCK challenge, focusing on an architecture for an interface which can represent (visualize) complexity and complex dynamics. We submitted our approach to optimize and communicate AI and its impact in the german nation to the Gesellschaft der Ideen Wettbewerb. So far we were not able to compose a fluent self-explanation which fit the corresponding frame. With our probably last application of 2020 to the remote Chaos Experience (https://events.ccc.de/2020/09/04/rc3-remote-chaos-experience/) we hope to reach the mindset which is ready for complexity shredding.

This page is under construction and requests your submissions/feedback/critics/share via One@Alien.Observes

(last update 07:32AM CEST, 21st November 2020) For further reading we released/work on the pages /meta /ops /dev /int /art 🙂

IV. Inference Scope

A more general background to Singularity, FORM, Transhumanism, Self, Augmentation (2:57:27)

The panel brings several crucial aspects and topics into discussion which are all part of 2020 common collective consciousness approaches. A resolution to hackathon-interrupts can only be provided through a 24/7 hackathon-like event which references human future as goal-space and as artificial (fictional, gamified) starting point / authorship. An intelligent inference about 2020 allows to leverage technology, knowledge and consciousness for the future of life on earth.

V. Towards Live Action Research

An official Introduction will be released after peer-review and elaboration via rC3

This section is messed up as the host was no longer functioning well.

We call for cooperation and interconnection of networks which are ready and able to explicate as collective approach to rebuild the human systems on earth with a clear focus operations through a continuation of the LiveStream Conferences “WE NEED A CHANGE” towards the context of the remote Chaos Experience 2020 rC3 https://events.ccc.de/2020/11/05/rc3-call-for-participation/#english to provide the basis for a more-exceptional Sylvester 2020 then previously thought possible. For this goal, we reference to Berlin and its Odyssee and propose a remote version of this inclusive and open art festival as the creative and individual counter-part to a coding centered continous hackathon event.

Based on this context, we call for the initiation of a global continous multi-domain hackathon which should be organized through wirvsvirus.org [in english and in close cooperation with CCC.de and if possible with other conscious-directed approaches such as Hive.org, Totalism.Org, Prototypefund.de, Protocol.Ai and many more to which we hope to network] and the future.

This Hackathon has to represent every humans interest with a scale appropriate representation (if the hackathon is organized by two individuals it is not plausible for them to engage in global emergency response operations. To be nevertheless usefull as instance, we link to Life Savers and hope for their augmentation, alternatives etc.).
Hence, at the beginning of the event it cannot account for all languages and all domains of interests on our world. We hope to provide a way how the best inference possible from 2020 can be found and represented – which will make obvious that humanity achieved something of a new dimension due to the threat of COVID19, the threat of conspiracy- and ideology-driven manipulation and a bold counter-position to all other upcoming threats to life on earth.

We aim to recompile all information accessible to humanity in 2020 to protect life, secure the future of life on earth and use digitization as a means to prevent harmful impact and manipulation of identities, to protect human life from attacks on their health, privacy and diversity and to augment human ability to represent consensus and fact-based investigatory journalism. We want to counter discrimination, war and force in the most peaceful and understandable way conceivable. To introduce a concept of optimum mediator, we released a gamified alien instance which attacks humanity in order to gain their attention. Please refer to rC3 about their feedback and impression of the generated context and background which we linked to our submission to rC3.

VI. Live Action Research

Associate all entities, environments, networks and interests mentioned across this domain and its referenced media. After that, /ext will provide further inspiration in December and /future provides insight to December while /code is not operating in /Network but live will link it to a present.