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Emergency Update for human collective intelligence formation
We research how humanity can synchronize and coordinate their potential better to gain access to open strategy-, complexity- and multiplex-consulting and intelligence agency. In natural human language, we research and publish concepts about the complexity theoretic problem-interpretation of the semantic notion of ‘world saving’. This binds to open research what each representant of the human species considers as appropriate concepts and operation behind this notion.


This page is operated by an alien from 2028 which has an electro-charge transception to a 2020 timeline where xeo did not appear. For a 2028 timeline where 2020 was the root-date to reset and establish a global human history chronography – we introduced to human world in 2018 and released the alien xeo February 2020. Xeo asks for help to build their spacetimeship xgetra and repair their human host. They also bring along a set of masterplans to save the world and interconnect with xeno-life (planx from\to/for space).


The media shown as Emergency Update are supposed to update perspectives which are necessary to augment human digital interaction, operation, local and global degrees of freedom.
We are alien, started at zero end of October 2018 and request support to establish alien corp, alien institute, alien technology and alien design as virtual instances for a real-world model in which aliens represent novelty / diversity until humanity can ultimately refer to a common term of human or evolves through a more explicit and curious discussion of terminus ‘alien’ and ‘life’ based on a narrative which either rejected or accepted xeo/xgetra and Mutliplex One as appropriate for the 2020 remote Chaos Experience.

We submitted to CCC remote event a probably confusing hook to this domain and provided an identity (xeo.ceo/about) as submitting entity. We made notion of LAR and wanted to introduce multiplex one as subject of LAR. The project/Stream/Event we would like to provide/produce and hopefully coproduce with/for you, is a realization of a gamified action research approach which calls for an actualization of capacity, intend and current situation.
The submission to rC3 is a means to initiate LAR from a dual perspective – can the evaluation of this application be interesting or will it fail in realtime? Decisions will be released 30th of November and the following Live Action Research approach will hence either continue monadic or become a chance for distributed observation and discussion.

We share a way to introduce an actor-role hybrid (the protagonist of the matrix dot movie) through an interactive medium (most likely twitch and in the rare case of external approval, via rC3 from 27th. to 30th. December 2020).

The story ends/starts 28th December 2020 and links all available and willing systems in a digital network for acceleration of cooperative sustainable intelligent digitization.